How can we successfully pass the C1000-016 exam?

  Edina  01-22-2019

C1000-016 IBM Traditional Workloads Sales V2 exam is an IBM certification exam with a very high gold content and is widely recognized worldwide. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are preparing for the C1000-016 exam. However, some people have not paid enough attention to the final test scores under the premise of exerting a lot of efforts. There are even some people who fail the exam. So How can we successfully pass the C1000-016 exam?

First, understand the C1000-016 exam information

Number of questions: 60
Time allowed: 90 mins
Number of questions to pass: 39
Available Languages: English, Japanese

C1000-016 exam subject and its proportion:

Gather Customer Requirements  33%
Value Proposition   27%
Determine IBM Solution Offerings   25%
IBM Smarter Storage  15%

Under the premise of understanding the above C1000-016 test information, we need to consciously plan the arrangement time of the C1000-016 exam. Secondly, we need to refine the C1000-016 exam focus to ensure that our daily learning is more efficient and the C1000-016 exam preparation is more adequate.

IBM C1000-016 questions and answers is a reference material that can improve the passing rate of the C1000-016 exam. Passquestion IBM C1000-016 questions and answers contain all the C1000-016 exam questions and correct answers verfied by successful candidates who has passed this C1000-016 IBM Traditional Workloads Sales V2 exam.

Check the following IBM C1000-016 free demo questions and answers:

1.A client needs a storage solution to be compliant with new guidelines, such as GDPR requiring protection of personally identifiable information, especially when replacing failed hardware.
Which IBM Storwize family feature meets this need?
A. IBM Spectrum Control
B. Non-disruptive hot swap
C. Data-at-Rest encryption
D. Data in-flight encryption

2.IBM big data storage supports all applications, data types, and hundreds of heterogeneous storage systems including cloud-based systems.
Which product should the sales specialist recommend to provide simplified management?
A. IBM Spectrum Control
B. IBM Spectrum NAS
C. IBM Spectrum Scale
D. IBM Spectrum Accelerate

3.A customer wants the lowest cost solution that offers encryption.
Which storage system should be recommended?
A. IBM Storwize V5010
B. IBM Storwize V5020
C. IBM Storwize V5030
D. IBM Storwize V7000

4.A client has a large file storage environment with data that is rarely accessed. The client wants to reduce its storage cost and minimize application changes.
Which solution satisfies the client's needs?
A. Add an IBM Tape Library and IBM Spectrum Archive.
B. Extend the storage capacity using an IBM Storwize V5010 system.
C. Add an IBM Tape Library and IBM Spectrum Scale.
D. Predict file usage using IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights.

5.An IBM Storwize customer is concerned about data privacy when taking snapshots to the public cloud.
How should the sales specialist address this concem?
A. Data is compressed so there is no requirement for encryption.
B. IBM Storwize supports volume groups for mutual consistency.
C. Snapshots are automatically encrypted in the cloud.
D. All data transferred and stored on the cloud can be encrypted.

6.A client is looking for an entry system, heterogeneous, scalable block-storage solution.
Which storage solution meets the requirements of the customer?
A. IBM Storwize V5030
B. IBM Storwize V5010
C. IBM Storwize V5020
D. IBM Storwize V7000

7.Which key benefit does VersaStack provide to customers to achieve administrative cost savings?
A. Best of breed components
B. Template-built repeatable processes
C. Scalability of individual components
D. All-inclusive software licensing

8.Who is responsible for a penalty due to failure to perform a required Technical and Delivery Assessment at the end user sales transaction?
A. Sales manager
B. Client team manager
C. Technical manager
D. Business partner

9.A customer needs a storage solution and is considering a proposal from a competitor with 9 X 400 GB SSD and 12 X 2 TB drives.
Which IBM storage system is comparable to the proposed configuration?
A. IBM Cloud Object Storage
B. IBM Storwize V5010
C. IBM Spectrum Accelerate
D. IBM Storwize V7000F

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