HPE6-A82 Exam Dumps - Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate Exam

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HPE6-A82 Exam Overview - Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate Exam

The Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate Exam tests your foundational knowledge of ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass Guest. This exam tests your skills on how to configure ClearPass as an authentication server for both corporate users and guests. It also tests your foundational knowledge of device profiling and posture checks.

HPE6-A82 Exam Information  

 Exam ID: HPE6-A82
Exam type: Proctored
Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Exam length: 60 questions
Passing score: 67%
Delivery languages: Japanese, English, Latin American Spanish

Exam Objectives 

This exam tests your skills on:
33%    Overview and Active Directory
36%    Guest and Onboard
31%    Endpoint Analysis and Posture

View Online Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate HPE6-A82 Free Questions

1 Which option support DHCP profiling for devices in a network?
A. DHCP profiling is enabled on ClearPass by default configuration of the network access devices is not necessary
B. configuring ClearPass as a DHCP relay for the client
C. enabling the DHCP server to profile endpoints and forward meta-data to ClearPass
D. enabling DHCP relay on our network access devices so DHCP requests are forwarded to ClearPass
Answer: D

2 Sponsorship has been enabled on the guest network A guest user connects and completes the self-registration form indicating a valid sponsor. The guest then clicks submit What is the current state of the guest account?
A. The guest account is created in an enabled state with the Tog in" button functional
B. The guest account is created in disabled state, the "Log In" button will appear only after the sponsor approval process is completed
C. The guest account is not yet created and remains in a disabled state There is not "Log in" button yet displayed
D. The guest account is created in a disabled state with the "Log In" button grayed out
Answer: B

3 An organization with 345 employees wants to have the guest create their own accounts for access to the public WLAN. and when guests reconnect they do not want the guest to have to tog in again Which ClearPass features can be used to meet these requirements?
A. Guest serf-registration with sponsor approval
B. Enforcement based on endpoint profiling
C. ClearPass Onboard Portal
D. Guest access with MAC caching
Answer: D

4 A customer with 985 employees would like to authenticate employees using a captive portal guest web login page Employees should use their AD credentials to login on this page Which statement is true?
A. The customer needs to add second guest service in the policy manager for the guest network.
B. The customer needs to add the AD servers RADIUS certificate to the guest network.
C. Employees must be taken to a separate web login page on the guest network
D. The customer needs to add the AD server as an authentication source in a guest service
Answer: D

5 What is RADIUS Change of Authorization (CoA)?
A. It allows ClearPass to transmit messages to the Network Attached Device/Network Attached Server (NAD/NAS) to modify a user’s session status
B. It allows clients to issue a privilege escalation request to ClearPass using RADIUS to switch to TACACS+
C. It is a mechanism that enables ClearPass to assigned a User-Based Tunnel (UBT) between a switch and controller for Dynamic Segmentation
D. It forces the client to re-authenticate upon roaming to an access point controlled by a foreign mobility controller.
Answer: A

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