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Plan to take your HPE6-A81 Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert Written Exam? PassQuestion new released HPE6-A81 ACCX Written Exam Dumps to help you pass your HPE6-A81 test and obtain your Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert (ACCX) certification easily.These HPE6-A81 ACCX Written Exam Dumps give you the chance to get to know more about the topic of the Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert Written exam.Make sure that you are practicing HPE6-A81 ACCX Written Exam Dumps multiple times so you can succeed in your final exam.

Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert Written Exam (HPE6-A81)

The Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert (ACCX) certification validates that the candidate is able to design, configure, and troubleshoot various ClearPass products commonly used in large scale customer deployments. This included ClearPass policy manager, Guest, Profiling, Onboarding, Onguard, Posture, Clustering, Redundancy, and external server integration. 

The HPE6-A81 ACCX Written Exam is required to be passed before the practical exam.  Once the written is passed, you will only have 18 months to pass the ACCX Practical Exam. Candidates who do not pass the ACCX Practical Exam within 18 months will have to retake the current ACCX written exam. HPE recommends that you register for the ACCX Practical Exam within 12 months of passing the written exam to ensure that you pass in the allotted 18-month timeframe.

Exam Details

Exam ID: HPE6-A81
Exam type: Proctored
Exam duration: 2 hours
Exam length: 60 questions
Passing score: 65%
Delivery languages: English

Exam Objectives

View Online Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert Written Exam HPE6-A81 Free Questions

Which statements are true about that integration between ClearPass Policy Manager and ClearPass Device Insight? (Select two)
A.Policy Manager stops using ClearPass Profiler for fingerprinting and uses Device Insight Analyzer instead for endpoint in-depth data analysis.
B.ClearPass Device Insight updates ClearPass Policy Manager every 60 minutes if it detects a change in device classification like device spoofing.
C.To provide enhanced profiling and reporting. additional configuration is required to transmit data in both directions between CPPM and Device Insight.
D.When Device Insight integration mode is enabled. you can still use Update Fingerprint button to Update Endpoints at Configuration > Identity > Endpoints
E.An attribute named Device Insight Tags art added to the Endpoints that art available to use in service, role-mapping, and enforcement policy Rules

Which statements art true about the Database server certificate? (Select two)
A.Database certificate can be created to take a secure backup of the ClearPass database.
B.ClearPass Policy Manager nodes validates the Database certificate while joining the cluster
C.Custom Database certificate requires Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field with the DNS name of the server.
D.A change in Database certificate will only be applicable after a reboot of the node
E.Database server certificate is optional for the ClearPass servers that are part of a Cluster.

Your customer has recently implemented a seIf-registration portal in ClearPass Guest to be used on a Guest SSID broadcast from an Aruba controller Your customer has started complaining that the users are not able to reliably access the Internet after clicking the login button on the receipt page They tell you that the users will click the login button multiple times and after about a minute they gam access.
What could be causing this issue?
A.The enforcement profile on ClearPass is set up with an IETF:session delay.
B.The self-registration page is configured with a 1 minute login delay.
C.The guest users are assigned a firewall user role that has a rate limit.
D.The guest users are assigned multiple DNS servers delaying DNS response.

A corporate Clear Pass Cluster with two servers located at a single site, has both Management and Data port IP addresses configured. The Management port IPs art in the DataCenter networks subnet, while the Data port IPs are in the DMZ. What is the difference between using one Virtual IP for the AAA traffic versus sending AAA requests to the physical IPs for each server' (Select two.)
A.Using the one Virtual IP can provide failover.
B.One Virtual IP can be used together with the individual server IPs for load balancing.
C.By using the Virtual IP, the failover wait time is faster than using individual server IPs.
D.The failover can be accomplished only by using Virtual IP
E.The Individual IPs can provide failover and load balancing.

When building an SNMP-based enforcement profile what option can you assign to the user as actions? (Select three).
A.Enforce a VLAN ID for the client
B.Set a session timeout for the client
C.Enforce Firewall policies
D.Send captive portal web re-direct URL
E.ClearPass Downloadable Role
F.Reset the connection after the settings has been pushed

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