HPE6-A66 Real Questions To Pass Aruba Certified Design Associate Exam

  Edina  10-10-2020

HPE6-A66 Aruba Certified Design Associate Exam is new available now. PassQuestion new cracked HPE6-A66 Real Questions which give you a systematic and effective training suggestion to make you feel more confident before taking the HPE6-A66 exam. PassQuestion team has carefully designed 60 questions and answers to help you. These series of HPE6-A66 Real Questions fully enrich your related professional knowledge, then help you easily obtain HPE6-A66 Certification.

Exam Description

This exam validates you have a fundamental knowledge of an Aruba network design and know the Aruba product lines to help you design the network with the assistance of a senior designer. Candidate should know how to read a customer request and extract the information needed for a wired or wireless network. Candidate should know how to use VRF and IRIS. 

Ideal Candidate For This Exam

Candidates are IT Associates with minimal Aruba Networking knowledge. It is suggested all candidates take the course for this exam.

Exam Objectives            

View Online Aruba Certified Design Associate HPE6-A66 Sample Questions

1. NewRocket requires a network connection between the main corporate building and a very small building on a campus. This connectivity needs to provide at least 700 Mbps throughput using a wireless solution. An AP will be placed inside each building's lobby near the entrance glass doorway that interconnects the two buildings. The distance between these two doors is approximately 30 feet (10 meters). The connection to the closest wiring closet in each respective building is approximately 280 feet (86 meters) for each AP. The customer needs a solution that will:
• Provide meshing on a dedicated 5 Ghz radio to interconnect the two buildings with an appropriate integrated antennas
• Provide a dedicated 5 Ghz radio for lobby connectivity
Which solution would best meet NewRocket’s requirements?
A. The new design will need to support a total of 325 people
B. The current design uses 802.11ac wireless APs
C. There is a total of 250 existing wired port connections
D. All video cameras will need wireless connectivity
Answer: D

2. A network architect is analyzing the current wireless coverage in a new design. Standing 10 feet (approximately 3 meters) away from the AP, the architect tests the wireless signal from the AP. The architect then moves 20 feet (approximately 6 meters) away from the AP and repeats the test. Given that the architect detects no external interference with the signal, by how much would you expect the signal to degrade between the two tests?
A. By a factor of 1
B. By a factor of 2
C. By a factor of 4
D. By a factor of 8
Answer: C

3. A wiring closet with a POE+ switch is 300 feet (100 meters) away from an AP on a building floor. The AP’s smart-rate port is connected to a smart-rate port on the switch, which is also capable of 10 Gbps. The cable type is Cat6a STP. What is the maximum speed that the customercan expect from the connected AP?
A. 1 Gbps
B. 2.5 Gbps
C. 5 Gbps
D. 10 Gbps
Answer: D

4. How would a network administrator view the price list of the equipment in one wiring closet?
A. Create a Design Group in the site; set the filter in the BOM to the Design Group
B. Create a Workspace in the site; set filter in the BOM to the Workspace
C. Create a Wiring Closet in the site; set the filter in the Design Group to Wiring Closet
D. Create a Design Group in the Site; set the filter in the Layers to Design Group
Answer: A

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