HPE2-E72 Exam Dumps - Selling HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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HPE2-E72 Selling HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions exam is a HPE Sales Certified certification test.PassQuestion has the latest HPE2-E72 Exam Dumps to help you get good grades on your final Selling HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions exam.PassQuestion HPE2-E72 questions and answers will increase your confidence to participate in HPE2-E72 exam and will effectively help you pass the Selling HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions exam.

HPE2-E72 Exam Description - Selling HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions

HPE2-E72 exam tests your ability to identify potential HPE customers and validate and qualify opportunities by engaging customers in strategic IT conversations. It tests your ability to uncover business needs and qualify customers for HPE hybrid cloud solutions.

Ideal Candidate For This Exam
This exam is specifically designed for HPE partner sales professionals who identify and qualify HPE solutions sales opportunities.

HPE2-E72 Exam Objectives

This exam validates that you can:

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1.What issue with public cloud leads some companies to move workloads back on-premises?
A. Limited scalability
B. Time consuming manual configuration
C. Underutilized resources
D. Lack of control
Answer: D

2.What is one way HPE differentiates itself as a provider of hybrid cloud solutions?
A. HPE enables companies to customize their solutions with a Unified API
B. HPE provides hybrid cloud solutions that integrate with the top two public cloud providers
C. HPE provides development tools for public and private clouds
D. HPE provides a superior public cloud experience and seamless integration with private clouds
Answer: D

3.Which issue is one of the business drivers for HPE GreenLake?
A. Flat growth
B. Increased price competition
C. Inefficient workflows for line of business
D. Long procurement cycles
Answer: B

4.Which correctly describes how customers are using public cloud today?
A. Just under half of customers run any workloads in the public cloud, and they are primarily SMBs.
B. A majority of customers now run the majority of their workloads in the public cloud.
C. Most customers are using public cloud services, but only a small minority of workloads actually run in the public cloud.
D. Only about ten percent of customers run any workloads in the public cloud, but they are the largest enterprises.
Answer: D

5.What is one key value that customers are seeking from their data platform?
A. Automation to deliver data on demand
B. Ability to perform a wholesale migration from on-prem to cloud
C. Less of a concentration on hybrid environments as most data is on-prem
D. Ability to use run analytics on tape for lower costs
Answer: D

6.What is one of the trends in how customers are using public cloud services?
A. Most customers have consolidated their public cloud services onto a single public cloud.
B. A majority of customers have moved some cloud services back on-prem in the last year.
C. A majority of customers have fewer concerns about how public clouds handle data sovereignty than they did two years ago.
D. In the next two years, customers plan to move about 75 percent of workloads to public clouds.
Answer: B

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