HPE2-E70 Practice Test Questions - Selling the Value of HPE Hybrid IT Solutions

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To help you prepare for Selling the Value of HPE2-E70 HPE Hybrid IT Solutions exam, Passquestion recommends you that you should have the sound knowledge and experience about HPE2-E70 exam. Passquestion new released HPE2-E70 Practice Test Questions to help you get certified easily.Passquestion guarantees that you pass your HPE2-E70 Certification Exam successfully in your frist time.

HPE2-E70 Exam Description - Selling the Value of HPE Hybrid IT Solutions

HPE2-E70 exam tests your ability to identify potential HPE customers and then validate and qualify opportunities by transitioning to a more strategic value-based selling approach. The exam focuses on value-based selling strategies and tools with an emphasis on becoming more conversant in the language of Everything-as-a-Service, Software-defined, and Intelligent Storage. 

HPE2-E70 Exam Objectives Covered In The Real Test

Download HPE2-E70 Practice Test Questions Below:

1.How does digital disruption affect customers purchasing decisions for storage solutions?
A. To support the new generation of apps and data, customers need the right storage solutions designed to cope with these new demands.
B. To develop an intelligent infrastructure, customers need to migrate the majority of their infrastructure to the public cloud.
C. To complete with cloud-based companies, most IT organizations IT departments are doubling or tripling IT budgets compared to five years ago.
D. To go digital, companies need to virtualize their data center, which begins with virtual storage.
Answer: D

2.Your customer prioritizes simplified management and reduced data management costs for general storage workloads.
Which solution family should you suggest?
A. HPE StoreOnce
C. HPE Nimble
D. HPE Apollo
Answer: B

3.In what situation is it ideal to create a BVF for your potential customer?
A. When you want to build long-time value, understand the customer’s business language and demonstrate your added value.
B. Because BVFs are time-consuming to create, you should only make one if your customer asks for it.
C. When you’ve tried other selling tactics and the customer still hesitant about HPE solutions.
D. You should create a BVF for every customer, regardless of account size and future potential earnings.
Answer: A

4.Your customer has data stored in containers throughout an infrastructure that is virtualized from the core to the edge. The company is struggling to keep IT admins up to date with the skills needed to manage data and move it to where it needs to be.
Which aspect of the HPE portfolio should you discuss with this customer to qualify the opportunity?
A. Intelligent storage solutions
B. Everything as a Service solutions
C. Software-defined solutions
D. Hybrid cloud solutions
Answer: A
Intelligent storage is a storage system or service that uses AI to continuously learn and adapts to its hybrid cloud environment to better manage and serve data.

5.HPE software-defined infrastructure solutions are designed to meet the needs of what types of customers?
A. Customers who are interested in moving all their workloads to a public cloud hosting service to remove the on-premises component of their IT.
B. Customers who need to keep the data and processes of each team within the organization separated into individual silos.
C. Customers who want to gain stronger and more reliable IT capabilities by adding more hardware to their existing traditional data center.
D. Customers who are looking to replace to replace their aging, complex infrastructure with a simplified anf flexible solution.
Answer: C

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