HPE0-J58 Practice Test Questions - Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions

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If you are planning to appear in the Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J58 certification exam, PassQuestion new updated HPE0-J58 Practice Test Questions are the smooth path that leads you towards your success. HPE0-J58 Practice Test Questions can boost your chances of performing well in the Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions exam. We assure you that HPE0-J58 Practice Test Questions will help you cover exam topics and acquire the required knowledge to pass the HP HPE0-J58 exam. You just have to learn the HPE0-J58 actual questions and answers multiple times to get fully ready for the HPE0-J58 Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions Exam successfully.

Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions (inactive on August 15, 2022)

This Master ASE level exam tests knowledge and skills required for Storage Architects and Storage Consultants. The exam tests the ability to design and deliver a complete and supported multi-site, multi-array and/or complex storage solution that meets customer requirements. The ideal candidate has a minimum of five years hands-on experience in managing, designing, architecting, and presenting multi-site and/or multi-array storage solutions. The candidate demonstrates analytical, presentation, and communication skills, and an understanding of customer business needs and challenges. The candidate effectively communicates with all personnel levels, including CxO level executives, to translate customer business needs and map them to appropriate HPE solutions.

Exam Information

Exam ID: HPE0-J58
Exam type: Proctored
Exam duration: 2 hours
Exam length: 60 questions
Passing score: 66%
Delivery languages: English, Japanese

Exam Objectives

10%   Describe, evaluate, and apply advanced storage architectures and technologies

  • Describe technologies and typical use cases for SAN technologies related to multi-site solutions
  • Describe technologies and typical use cases for multi-site storage network management
  • Evaluate and recommend advanced backup systems technology
  • Describe technologies and typical use cases for multi-site data protection and business continuity
  • Describe technologies and typical use cases for unified block, file, and object storage architecture for multi-site solutions

25%    Describe and evaluate HPE Storage portfolio and associated service offerings and apply to complex customer use cases

  • Describe the HPE enterprise storage strategy for multi-site and multi-array solutions
  • Given a set of business requirements, position HPE Storage solutions for complex storage configurations
  • Identify and recommend HPE storage tools and resources to address complex storage configurations

10%     Present the strengths of the HPE storage portfolio relative to market and competitive trends

  • Evaluate the storage market and identify the strengths of HPE Storage Solutions in multi-site and/or multi-vendor environments
  • Illustrate how HPE Storage solutions provide a differentiated competitive advantage and business value in multi-site and/or multi-vendor environments

35%    Plan and design complex HPE Storage solutions

  • Recognize opportunities and identify customer requirements for multi-site and/or complex storage solutions
  • Given a scenario, size multi-site and/or complex storage solutions
  • Given a scenario, plan and design multi-site and/or complex storage solutions
  • Given a scenario, develop a proposal with business value statement and bill of materials
  • Present multi-site and/or complex solutions to the customer

5%   Validate the installation, configuration, and setup of complex HPE Storage solutions

  • validate data replication and transparent failover features specific to 3PAR and Nimble
  • validate HPE integrations and recommended performance tuning (RAs) for specific hypervisors and applications
  • Configure an HPE storage solution for a multi-vendor environment

5%    Performance-tune, optimize, and upgrade HPE storage solutions

  • Identify and compare the existing solution design to the best-practices documentation
  • Recommend performance-tuning optimizations to the storage solution

5%    Troubleshooting multi-site or complex HPE Storage solutions

  • Identify system issues and failures in HPE Storage solutions
  • Create and propose an action plan to resolve the issue/failure in a HPE storage solution
  • Recommend preventative measures on HPE storage solutions

5%    Manage, monitor, administer, and operate multi-site or complex HPE storage solutions

  • Manage and administer storage in an HPE Storage solution
  • Manage and administer data protection (backup and replication) in an HPE Storage solution
  • Manage and administer FC and IP storage network in an HPE Storage solution
  • Develop and manage customer's policy for compliance in an HPE Storage solution
  • Test and Implement a site failover and recovery plan in response to an outage

View Online Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J58 Free Questions

What is one of the advantages of protecting HPE 3PAR File Persona with RMC?
A.MS SQL data consistency is provided
B.Single file recovery is possible
C.Transparent failover is offered If clients are using SMB 3.0, even if you recover to another 3PAR
D.Backup throughput will be considerably faster than other backup methods
Answer : D

A customer wants to enable an automated failover for their two existing HPE 3PAR solutions, which are located in two different sites. Each solution has an All-inclusive Single-System Software license.
Which component is required to enable this function?
A.All-inclusive Multi-System Software License
B.Fibre channel Bridges to connect the disk shelfs
C.Additional HPE 3PAR system as quorum witness
D.Dark fibre connection between the sites
Answer : A

A customer is expecting rapid growth of their data storage needs on their HPE Nimble arrays. Which HPE tool should you recommend to best assist with capacity planning?
A.NinjaStars for Nimble
D.One Config Advanced
Answer : D

You are proposing StoreOnce as a new backup target.
Which features should you emphasize that will help the customer protect and recover data from external attacks on local data? (Select two.)
A.StoreOnce Catalyst stores are only accessible via the API
B.StoreOnce has firewalls to protect the repositories
C.StoreOnce is immune from ransomware
D.StoreOnce has malware protection
E.StoreOnce has encryption of data at rest and data in-flight
Answer : C, E

You are starting an assessment to design a new multi-storage environment for a customer. You have collected data on all the current arrays using SAF collector.
What should be the next step in your design process?
A.Open the .zip file with NinjaSTARS
B.Import the .zip file into OCA
C.Send the .zip file to [email protected]
D.Upload the .zip file to the SAF Portal
Answer : A

You completed the HPE Nimble storage replication partnership in a customer environment.
When you test the network connection from the primary partner to the secondary partner, the test fails; when you test the connection from the secondary to the primary partner, the test is successful.
What is the most likely cause of the failure?
A.The secondary partner name is not configured properly
B.The secondary array network ports are misconfigured
C.The test can only be performed from the secondary array
D.The primary partner name is not configured properly
Answer : A

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