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Are you looking for the success in HPE0-J69 HPE Storage Solutions exam?  PassQuestion is here to help you get the best HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J69 Dumps to clear the HPE0-J69 Certification exam on the first attempt. HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J69 Dumps are prepared with the actual exam syllabus in mind and experts keep on updating them from time to time. Candidates who go through these HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J69 Dumps have the best chance of clearing the HPE0-J69 Certification exam on the first attempt. Make sure you practice our HPE0-J69 questions and answers so that you can get an excellent result in your final HPE0-J69 HPE Storage Solutions exam.

HPE0-J69 Exam Overview - HPE Storage Solutions

This exam tests your knowledge and experience with HPE Storage platforms and products, including the ability to size, design, install, configure, optimize, upgrade, manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain HPE storage solutions. It will demonstrate that you can assess business requirements and develop and implement a solution to meet customer needs.

Ideal candidate

Candidates include but are not limited to channel partners, customers, and HPE employees. A candidate will typically have two to three years of experience in a job role focused on interpreting customer requirements to design, install, configure, manage HPE storage and backup solutions. The candidate will be able to demonstrate critical-thinking skills required to design, optimize, deploy, and manage storage solution issues.

Exam Information

Exam ID: HPE0-J69
Exam type: Proctored
Exam duration: 1 hour
Exam length: 40 questions
Passing score: 63%
Delivery languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Exam Objectives

20%    Foundational storage architectures and technologies

  • Compare different storage technologies (file, block, object storage).
  • Describe and evaluate use cases for drive technologies and RAID levels
  • Describe SAN transport technologies and components
  • Describe and characterize RAID levels
  • Describe and characterize the different SAN topologies, transport technologies, and components
  • Describe storage presentation to hosts (LUN masking, SSP, software-based zoning, etc.)
  • Describe storage virtualization technologies
  • Describe backup, archiving, and data availability technologies
  • Describe single-site storage network management in general terms

20%   Functions, features, and capabilities of HPE Storage products, solutions, and warranty service offerings

  • Position HPE Storage solutions for customer solutions
  • Identify and describe appropriate HPE resources to help a solution meet customer requirements

20%   Planning and designing HPE Storage solutions

  • Discover opportunities for single-site environments
  • Size a single-site storage solution for a customer solution
  • Given a set of customer requirements, plan and design a single-site storage solution
  • Review and validate a single-site storage solution proposal
  • Present a single-site solution to a customer

20%    Installing, configuring, setting up, and validating HPE Storage solutions

  • Inspect for proper power, rack space, and cooling
  • Plan a solution installation based on a proposed design
  • Install designed solution following best practices
  • Prepare solution for customer use
  • Configure storage according to the solution design
  • Perform tests to verify the solution works as designed
  • Hand over installed HPE solution to the customer

10%    Performance-tuning and optimizing HPE Storage solutions

  • Establish a performance baseline from customer application requirements
  • Test performance and collect metrics on configurations and solutions based on customer SLA requirements
  • Analyze an existing solution and identify potential issues improvements
  • Optimize and performance-tune a solution

10%    Managing, monitoring, operating, and troubleshooting HPE Storage solutions

  • Use management tools to monitor the customer environment.
  • Deploy and configure additional software tools in customer environment
  • Determine whether software/firmware versions are current and supported in customer environment
  • Perform updates and lifecycle management operations on systems and solutions
  • Perform health checks on solution deployments in customer environments
  • Troubleshoot a solution
  • Develop and manage policy for compliance in a multi-site and/or complex HPE Storage solution

View Online HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J69 Free Questions

You deployed and configured an all-flash Nimble array. The customer wants to attach their Windows-based server to the array.
Which HPE tool can you use on the host server to make the integration easier?
A. Centralized Management Console
B. Connection Manager
C. StorServe Management Console
D. Channel bonding
Answer: B

Acustomer is deploying a new StoreOnce VSA solution.
How can the necessary storage capacity be added to the VSA? (Choose two.)
A. Add a new virtual hard disk to the virtual machine
B. The Cloud bank container needs to be configured from the vCenter client
C. The Cloud bank container needs to be configured once the VSA boots
D. verify sufficient capacity LTUs are available
Answer: A,B

You are presenting the HPE StoreEver portfolio to a media agency.
What advantage is offered when using LTFS?
A. WORM functionality for file, block and object storage access on tape
B. file and block data management within an HPE HSM solution
C. file management capabilities will be provided with tape cartridges
D. file encryption with public and private key management
Answer: C

You are designing a new storage environment for a customer. They need good performance, but need to keep costs to a minimum.
They have a very limited staff, and staff is concerned about learning new technologies. You plan to recommend a Nimble HF20 solution.
Which storage connectivity components should you recommend?
A, Ethernet switches, Nimble iSCSI card, dedicated NICs for servers
B, Ethernet switches, Nimble FC card, dedicated FC for servers
C. FC switches, Nimble FC card, FC adapters for servers
D. FlexFabric switches, Nimble iSCSI card. FC adapters for servers
Answer: A

Which storage sizing tool, designed for HPE 3PAR StoreServ, can be used to determine whether customers quality for the Get Thin Guarantee Program?
A, StoreVista
B. NinjaStars
C. NinjaCrawler
D. NinjaProtected
Answer: D

Where does HPE 3PAR StoreServ Data-at-Rest Encryption occur?
A. processor
B. host
D. physical disk
Answer: D

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