HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions HPE0-V25 Dumps

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If you're looking to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in the HPE edge-to-cloud strategy, the HPE ATP certification exam is an excellent way to do so. With PassQuestion HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions HPE0-V25 Dumps, you can be confident that you're studying the most comprehensive and up-to-date material to help you pass your exam. PassQuestion HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions HPE0-V25 Dumps are also regularly updated to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest exam requirements. This means you can be confident that you're studying the most relevant and accurate information to help you pass your exam. This comprehensive approach ensures you have everything you need to prepare for and pass your HPE0-V25 exam.

HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions HPE0-V25 Exam

This HPE ATP exam validates that a successful candidate has foundational knowledge and skills of the HPE edge-to-cloud strategy, encompassing server, storage, networking, HPE GreenLake, and management tools and their underlying architectures, technologies, and consumption strategies. 

The ideal candidate has a minimum of 6-12 months of experience in designing and/or implementing foundational HPE solutions for customers with at least one, but preferably more than one of the following HPE technologies: cloud services, compute, storage, networking, and services. The candidate assists with the design and participates in the integration and administration aspects of foundational HPE solutions. They understand the high-level financial implications of the solution. 

HP Certification HPE0-V25 Exam Information

Exam ID: HPE0-V25
Exam type: Proctored
Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Exam length: 60 questions
Passing score: 63%
Delivery languages: English, Korean

HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions HPE0-V25 Exam Objectives

10%   Describe, differentiate, and apply IT industry trends, standard architectures, technologies, and cloud delivery models

Describe and differentiate IT Industry architectures and their appropriate use cases
Describe and differentiate IT Industry technologies and their use cases

13%   Gather and analyze customer business and technical requirements

Discover a customer’s technical requirements

15%   Recommend and position HPE offerings (solutions, products, and *services*) for customer use cases

Recognize and position how HPE offerings provide the customer business value and an advantage in their industry.
Compare and contrast the customer experience of Traditional HPE offerings, HPE GreenLake Core offerings, GLCS, and cloud-based management for components of a solution.
Describe HPE GreenLake offerings and benefits
Describe and differentiate traditional HPE solutions and offerings

17%   Architect and design an HPE solution based on customer needs

Given a customer workload/business requirement, select the appropriate delivery model or models
Given a customer requirement, identify whether the customer will benefit from HPE GreenLake cloud services
Given a set of customer requirements, select the appropriate HPE and 3rd party products and services for the solution
Design a solution within the given constraints to meet customer technical objectives
Document customer intent and solution design
Review and validate a proposed design

5%    Present and Demonstrate the solution to the customer and coordinate implementation planning

Discuss the solution with the customer's IT Staff

6%    Perform ongoing enhancements on a solution including upgrades, migration, optimization, etc.

Compare a customer's existing architecture and capabilities to the customer's requirements
Given a customer use case, help the customer plan for growth of their existing solution

12%    Install, configure, and upgrade HPE SMB solutions and their components

Perform the physical installation process
Configure each solution and subsystem 
Perform changes on a customer's existing solution and/or its subsystems

12%    Troubleshoot and repair HPE SMB solution components

Describe investigative steps and their importance
Identify and describe troubleshooting tools and their use cases
Troubleshoot issues
Perform repair/replace procedures
Apply proactive maintenance

10%    Manage the HPE SMB solution

Identify and describe management and administration tools and when to use them 
Perform Management and Monitoring tasks 
Administer and Operate the solutions 

View Online HPE Hybrid Cloud Solutions HPE0-V25 Free Questions

Your customer has a VMware vSphere cluster that needs to be upgraded to a SimpliVity Solution. you need to collectdata torecommend the correct SimpliVity Sizing.
What tool will provide this Information?
A. HPE Storage Sizing Tool
D. HPE Cloudphysics
Answer: D

Your customer is using HPE Infosight in their environment containing ProLiant and MSA systems.
Which product supports automatic case creation through InfoSight?
A. MSA2040
B. ProLiant DL120 G7
C. MSA 2062
D. proLiant DL560 Gen10
Answer: D

You need to explain how the HPE GreenLake platform can help your customers business become more agile.
What information you provide? (Select two)
A. HPE GreenLake provides infinite scale to the customer at no additional cost with its scale up policy.
B. HPF GreenLake provides a larger hardware portf01i0 than traditional HPE hardware solutions
C. customers can control costs Since advanced metering allows them to only pay tor what is used.
D. HPE active-ty monitors, manages, and deploys capacity ahead of demand so the customer can scale With ease within an installed buffer
E. The HPE GreenLake platform is always managed by HPE, reducing the need for internal IT staff.
Answer: C,D

Your customer runs a small datacenter ana their storage requirements change on a month-tomonth basis. They want to easily monitor their Cloud costs/usage and grow their resources.
Which self-service platform will fill their requirements?
A. HPE GreenLake Data Services Cloud Console
B. HPE GreenLake central
C. HPE InfoSight
D. HPE Compute Ops Management
Answer: B

Your customer is looking for a reference architecture from HPE.
Which tool can translate their requirements a validated configuration?
A. one config Advanced (OCA)
B. solution sales Enablement TOO! (SSET)
C. One Config Simple (OCS)
D. HPE storage STaTS TOO!
Answer: B

Your customer needshelp troubleshooting a Layer 3 network routing issue.
Which command should you use?
A. showLLDP neighbor-info
B. snow startup-config
C. config-router
D. traceroute
Answer: D

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