HCNP-DCF-BFDO H12-425-ENU practice questions

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With the help of Passquestion HCNP-DCF-BFDO H12-425-ENU practice questions,you can quickly grasp the points you need for H12-425-ENU test, Each HCNP-DCF-BFDO H12-425-ENU practice questions you could get from Passquestion has been handcrafted by our team of excellent IT professors.

Huawei H12-425 exam Basic information:

Certification: HCNP-DCF-BFDO
Exam Code: H12-425-ENU
Exam Title: HCNP-DCF-BFDO (Huawei Certified Network Professional-Data Center Facility-Build Facility Deployment Optimization)
Duration: 90 min
Pass Score/Total Score: 750/1000

What is the Huawei H12-425 certification exam fee?

The Huawei H12-425 certification exam fee is $160. Relatively speaking, the Huawei certification exam fee is not high. But this is only for candidates who can pass the exam once and for all. If the exam fails, it means not only spending more money to take the exam, but also investing in time and energy. Need to pay attention here, we must face a Huawei H12-425 exam, we must maintain a peace of mind. Don't affect your confidence in the learn Huawei H12-425 because of a failed exam.

The Huawei H12-425 exam is as follows:

The HCNP-DCF-BFDO V1.0 exam includes but not limited to the following: data center facility, Huawei power distribution system installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, Huawei monitoring system installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, Huawei monitoring system installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, Fresh air system, cabling system and gas fire extinguishing system.

Huawei H12-425 exam What are the points involved?

Huawei data center facility
Huawei power distribution system
Huawei data center cooling system
Huawei data center monitoring system
Other data center facility system

We can first look at a few questions in the Huawei H12-425 exam dumps:

If the customer load cannot be power-off, what should be taken care when closing the maintenance bypass switch? (multiple choice)
A. The maintenance bypass switch can also be closed in the inverter power supply mode.
B. Turn off the inverter, let the UPS be in bypass power supply mode and then close the maintenance bypass switch.
C. First perform EPO then close maintenance switch
D. Close the maintenance switch first and then execute the EPO.
Answer: BD

After the NetCol5000-A25kW half-cabinet air-conditioning refrigerant pipeline is installed, do the nitrogen charge pressure maintaining, the nitrogen pressure is () Mpa.
A. 0.8
B. 2
C. 2.5
D. 3
Answer: D

The main reason for the energy-saving effect of the closed cold/hot passage is (). (multiple choice)
A. Isolating hot and cold air, avoiding the confusion of hot and cold air and improving the utilization of cold air.
B. It can increase the air supply temperature of the air conditioner, thus reducing the energy consumption of the air conditioner.
C. The closed heat channel can increase the return air temperature and improve the cooling efficiency.
D. Reduce the humidification power consumption by increasing the supply air temperature and reducing the power consumption of humidification.
Answer: ABCD

When installing the power line on the UPS5000-E, if there are different sources on the main-lines and bypass, you need to remove the copper bars connected to the bypass and main lines first, and then connect the main circuit and bypass input respectively .
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

When the status of UPS2000G battery is "NA", it may be ().
A. The battery is not connected
B. Battery low voltage
C. The battery is connected properly.
D. Battery N line is not connected
Answer: A

These questions are all the exam questions in the current Huawei H12-425 exam. Therefore, the simulated exams arranged by Passquestion HCNP-DCF-BFDO H12-425-ENU questions and answers are almost identical to the actual Huawei H12-425 exam. The most basic thing is to let us experience the real Huawei H12-425 exam at the deepest level; ease the tension when we take the real test; and enhance our confidence in passing the exam. Secondly, in the specific details of the exam, we can also arrange the answer time more reasonably in the real Huawei H12-425 exam to avoid the carelessness of the answer.

The above is my experience sharing about the study and exam of Huawei H12-425. It is not suitable for every candidate. You can use it as a reference.

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