HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0 (Written) H13-231 Study Materials

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Want to pass H13-231 HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0(Written) exam? PassQuestion provides valid HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0(Written) H13-231 Study Materials that you can use for the preparation of the HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0 exam. If you are using detailed H13-231 questions pdf prepared by us, then you will be able to clear your concepts and you will be able to prepare for the H13-231 exam in an efficient way. If you are selecting reliable HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0(Written) H13-231 Study Materials, then you can improve your preparation level and pass your H13-231 exam on the first attempt.

HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0 Certification Overview

Passing the HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0 certification will indicate that you: 1) have insights into intelligent computing ecosystem and knowledge about key technologies and applications; 2) are able to perform the solution architecture design, deployment and system optimization of typical scenarios in intelligent computing field; 3) are competent for intelligent computing pre-sales/after-sales technical support, intelligent computing solution application expert, data center server architect engineer and other positions.

Exam Information

Certification: HCIE-Intelligent Computing
Exam Code: H13-231
Exam Name: HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0(Written)
Language: Chinese/English
Exam Format: Single Answer, Multiple Answer, True-false Question
Exam Cost: 300USD
Duration: 90 min
Pass Score/Total Score: 600/1000

HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0(Written) Exam Content

1.Insight into computing industry ecosystem 5%
2.Key technologies and applications 25%
3.Intelligent computing solution design and practice 60%
4.Intelligent computing system optimization 10%

View Online HCIE-Intelligent Computing V1.0(Written) H13-231 Free Questions

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) is an open standard hardware management interface specification, which defines the specific method for the management subsystem to communicate?
A. Combined
B. Embedded
C. Tiled
D. Access
Answer: B

Which of the following understandings about RAID10 is wrong? 
A. The first level is a RAID1 mirrored pair, the second level is RAID0
B. The hard disk utilization of RAID10 is 50%
C. RAID10 is a two-level combination of mirroring and striping.
D. RAID10 has consistent read and write performance
Answer: D

Database system generally consists of database, database management system and database user and which part? 
A. Business application system
B. Application system
C. Data logic system
Answer: B

Traditional BIOS is customized for traditional 16-bit processors, with low addressing ability and poor performance, while UEFI can be applied to any 64-bit processor with strong addressing ability and excellent performance. 
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

Which of the following is not a feature of iBMC? 
A. Manage hardware virtualization functions
B. Fault diagnosis and management
C. Virtual KVM and virtual media
D. Rich management interface
Answer: A

Which of the following about engineer A's understanding of the CPU is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. CPU has strong management capabilities, good at management and scheduling, such as data reading, file management, etc.
B. Compared with the GPU in data processing, the CPU is parallel, so it is suitable for processing large-scale data operations
C. CPU is the computing core and control core of a computer
D. Compared with other chips, CPU has the strongest computing power and has the most core processors
Answer: AC

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