HCIA-Security V4.0 H12-711_V4.0 Real Questions And Answers

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The latest HCIA-Security V4.0 H12-711_V4.0 Real Questions And Answers are newly cracked for your test preparation. You must have to study these HCIA-Security V4.0 H12-711_V4.0 Real Questions And Answers if you want to get an astounding result in your HCIA-Security certification exam. Our goal is to guide you in the right direction in your HCIA Security H12-711 exam preparation and to provide you with all the necessary HCIA-Security V4.0 H12-711_V4.0 Real Questions And Answers to help you pass the Huawei H12-711_V4.0 exam with high marks. We are quite confident that with HCIA-Security V4.0 H12-711_V4.0 Real Questions And Answers you will pass the H12-711_V4.0 exam quickly.

HCIA-Security Certification Exam

Holding HCIA-Security certification proves the Engineers master the basic information security knowledge and related technologies for small- and medium-sized networks, and are capable of building small-sized information security networks for enterprises to ensure the security of networks and applications of small- and medium-sized enterprises

HCIA-Security V4.0 Exam Overview

Exam Code: H12-711
Exam Type: Written examination
Exam Format: Single-answer Question, Multiple-answer Question, True or false, Short Response Item, Drag and Drop Item
Time: 90min
Passing Score/Total Score: 600/1000
Exam Cost: 200USD
Language: Chinese,English

Knowledge Content

The HCIA-Security V4.0 exam content covers network security concepts and specifications, network basic knowledge, common network security threats, and prevention, firewall security policy, firewall network address translation technologies, firewall hot standby technologies, firewall intrusion prevention technologies, firewall user management technologies, encryption and decryption technology principles and applications.
1. Network security concepts and specifications 5%
2. Network basics 10%
3. Common network security threats and threat prevention 5%
4. Firewall security policy 10%
5. Firewall NAT technologies 10%
6. Firewall hot standby technologies 10%
7. Firewall user management technologies 10%
8. Firewall intrusion prevention technologies 10%
9. Fundamentals of encryption technologies 10%
10.PKI certificate system 5%
11. Encryption technology applications 15%

View Online HCIA-Security V4.0 H12-711_V4.0-ENU Free Questions

1. Which of the following descriptions about the main implementation of single sign-on is wrong? ( )[Multiple choice]*
A.Accept PC message mode
B.Query the AD server security log mode
C.Query the syslog server mode
D.Firewall monitors AD authentication packets
Answer: C

2. We should choose the encryption algorithm according to our own use characteristics. When we need to encrypt a large amount of data, it is recommended to use the ____ encryption algorithm to improve the encryption and decryption speed.[fill in the blank]*
Answer: A

3. _____ Authentication is to configure user information (including local user's user name, password and various attributes) on the network access server. The advantage is that it is fast.[fill in the blank]*
A.local authentication
B.total authentication
Answer: A

4. Which of the following types of malicious code on your computer includes?
A.Oral virus
B.Trojan horses
C.Port SQL injection
D.Oral spyware
Answer: A, B, C, D

5. Which of the following attack methods is to construct special SQL statements and submit sensitive information to exploit program vulnerabilities
A.Buffer overflow attack
B.SQL injection attacks
C.Worm attack
D.Phishing attacks
Answer: B

6. Which of the following protocols is a file transfer protocol?
A.Mouth POP3
B.Mouth NFS
C.Mouth HITP
D.Mouth DFTP
Answer: B, D

7. ARP man-in-the-middle attacks are a type of spoofing attack technique.
Answer: A

8. Which of the following protocols is a multichannel protocol?
A.The Telnet
Answer: C

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