HCIA-Datacom V1.0 H12-811_V1.0 Questions and Answers

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Datacom Certification Is an Upgraded Version of Routing & Switching Certification

HCIA-Datacom V1.0 certification aims to train and certificate engineers with basic datacom knowledge and skills. The Datacom certification is an upgraded version of the Routing & Switching certification, which will replace the Routing & Switching certification as Huawei's standard for building datacom talent capabilities. The Routing & Switching certification will continue until the end of 2021.

Huawei Datacom Certification is an upgrade of the previous Routing & Switching Certification, featuring advanced technologies, various fields, comprehensive capabilities, and practical skills. It not only provides knowledge about traditional routing and switching technologies, but also delivers the cultivation solution (which combines Huawei's Datacom network solution and new technologies). Certified professionals will be able to plan, deploy, operate, maintain, and optimize networks in different scenarios.

EOX Announcement for Huawei Routing & Switching Certification

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Which of the following is not included in the MAC address table? 
A. Port number
B. Vlan
C. IP address
D. MAC address
Answer: C

What are the necessary conditions for configuring static routing? (Multiple choice)
A. Outbound interface
B. Outbound interface MAC address
C. Next hop
D. Destination IP
Answer: ACD

Which of the following attributes cannot be used as a parameter to measure Cost?
A. Time delay
B. sysname
C. Hop count
D. Bandwidth
Answer: B

Which of the following statements about prefix segment is wrong?
A. prefix segment is used to identify the prefix of a destination address in the network (prefix)
B. The prefix segment needs to be configured manually
C. The prefix segment spreads to other network elements through IGP, which is globally visible and effective
D. The prefix segment can be automatically allocated by IGP
Answer: D
The software version will be downloaded on the AC during the FIT online process.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

When using FTP protocol to upgrade the router, which transmission mode should choose?
A. Byte mode
B. Text mode
C. Language mode
D. Binary mode
Answer: D

Which of the following statement is correct about the SNMP protocol?
A. SNMP protocol uses multicast to send management messages
B. SNMP uses IGMP as the network layer protocol
C. SNMP uses UDP as the transport layer protocol
D. SNMP protocol only supports sending management messages on the Ethernet link
Answer: C

What user authentication can be deployed in WLAN? (Multiple choice)
A. Radius authentication
B. MAC address authentication
C. 802.1x authentication
D. Portal authentication
Answer: ABCD

Which of the following options are related to encapsulation and decapsulation? (Multiple choice)
A. Shorten the length of the message
B. The process of encapsulation and decapsulation can complete fault location
C. Encapsulation and decapsulation are important steps to realize the functions of different protocols
D. Interoperability between different networks
Answer: CD

Which of the following statements about link aggregation are correct? (Multiple choice)
A. To connect two devices, it is necessary to ensure that the link aggregation mode on both devices is the same
B. GE electrical interfaces and GE optical interfaces cannot be added to the same Eth-Trunk interface
C. Eth-Trunk interfaces cannot be nested
D. GE interface and FE interface cannot be added to the same Eth-Trunk interface
Answer: ABD

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