HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0 H13-511_V5.0 Preparation Material

  Edina  05-22-2023

If you aspire to excel in the field of cloud computing, obtaining the HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0 certification is a significant milestone. PassQuestion HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0 H13-511_V5.0 Preparation Material serves as a valuable tool in your exam preparation journey, offering comprehensive coverage, real exam questions and up-to-date content. With their newly cracked HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0 H13-511_V5.0 Preparation Material, candidates can be confident that they are studying the most recent exam syllabus and objectives. The material is regularly updated to reflect any changes or advancements in cloud computing technology, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared for the latest industry trends.

Huawei Certification HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0 Certification Exam

Exam Code: H13-511
Exam Name: HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0
Exam language: ENU/CHS
Question Type: Single Answer, Multiple Answer, True-false Question, Fill in the  blank answers, Drag and drop item
Exam fees: 200USD
Exam Duration: 90min
Passing score/Total score: 600 / 1000

Exam Content 

The HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0 exam includes four modules: cloud computing basics, virtualization  (FusionCompute), virtual desktop (FusionAccess), and cloud computing trends, covering cloud computing  basics (server basics, storage, network, and operating system), introduction to virtualization, Huawei virtualization platform, Huawei virtualization platform management and usage, introduction to Huawei FusionAccess, FusionAccess planning and deployment, features and management, and emerging cloud computing technologies.

Knowledge Point Percentage

Cloud Computing Basics 5%
Server Basics 2%
Storage Technology Basics 5%
Network Technology Basics 10%
Operating System Basics 4%
Virtualization 4%
Huawei Virtualization Platform 6%
Huawei Virtualization Platform Management and Usage 25%
Overview of FusionAccess 5%
FusionAccess: Planning and Deployment 8%
FusionAccess: Service Provisioning 17%
FusionAccess: Features and Management 5%
Cloud Computing Trends 4%

HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.0 Exam Knowledge points

Basic general knowledge

Cloud Computing Basics

  • IT Development Trends
  • About Cloud Computing
  • Mainstream Cloud Computing Technologies

Server Basics

  • Introduction to Servers
  • Key Technologies of Servers

Storage Technology Basics

  • Storage Basics
  • Introduction to Key Storage Technologies
  • Network Technology Basics
  • IP Address Basics
  • Introduction to Network Technologies
  • Switching Basics
  • Routing Basics
  • Operating System Basics
  • Introduction to Operating Systems
  • Basic Linux Operations

Virtualization (FusionCompute)


  • Virtualization
  • Mainstream Virtualization Technologies

Huawei Virtualization Platform

  • Overview of Huawei Virtualization Platform
  • Planning and Deployment of Huawei Virtualization Platform

Huawei Virtualization Platform Management and Usage

  • Introduction to FusionCompute Compute Virtualization
  • Introduction to FusionCompute Storage Virtualization
  • Introduction to FusionCompute Network Virtualization
  • FusionCompute Virtualization Platform Management
  • Desktop cloud FusionAccess

Overview of FusionAccess

Overview of FusionAccess

  • Introduction to FusionAccess Components
  • Introduction to HDP
  • Introduction to FusionAccess Application Scenarios

FusionAccess: Planning and Deployment

  • FusionAccess Component Planning and Deployment
  • FusionAccess Installation
  • FusionAccess Initial Configuration

FusionAccess: Service Provisioning

  • Service Encapsulation
  • Template Creation
  • Desktop Provisioning

FusionAccess: Features and Management

  • Policy Management
  • Service Adjustment
  • Alarm Handling

Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud Computing Trends

  • Introduction to OpenStack
  • Emerging Technologies

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