H13-629_V2.5-ENU HCIE-Storage V2.5 Exam Questions

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HCIE-Storage V2.5 certification

With HCIE-Storage V2.5 certification, you will have a good command of key technical principles, planning and design processes, deployment implementation methods and tools, performance tuning principles, advanced O&M management, and troubleshooting of typical storage solutions, such as storage backup, active-passive DR, active-active DR, and storage data migration; are able to design, manage, build and develop high availability storage solutions; which makes you competent to be a storage solution expert, storage architect and other positions.

Huawei HCIE-Storage V2.5 Certification Exam Overview

Exam Code: H13-629
Exam Type: Written examination
Exam Format: Single-answer Question,Multiple-answer Question,True or false,Short Response Item,Drag and Drop Item
Time: 90min
Passing Score/Total Score: 600/1000
Exam Cost: 300USD
Language: Chinese,English

Knowledge Percentage 

1.Key Points of Storage   30%
2.Storage Design and Tuning    20%
3.Storage Solutions    40%
4.Storage Maintenance and Troubleshooting    10%

Knowledge Points for Written Exam

Module 1: Key Points of Storage

1. Storage products positioning, software and hardware architecture, such as hybrid flash storage, all-flash storage, distributed storage, HCI storage etc.
2. Key technologies and applications of storage systems.

Module 2: Storage Design and Tuning

1. Common planning and design methods, tools, and processes of storage systems.
2. Performance optimization policies, key technologies, and processes of storage systems.

Module 3: Storage Solutions

1. Storage solution technologies and application scenarios.
2. Best practices of storage backup, active-passive, active-active, and migration solutions, include: requirement analysis, planning and design, deployment implementation, and O&M management.

Module 4: Storage Maintenance and Troubleshooting

1. Storage system O&M management basis and technologies, such as O&M tools, methods and processes.
2. Storage system troubleshooting technologies and typical cases, such as troubleshooting methods, principles and processes

View Online HCIE-Storage V2.5 Certification H13-629_V2.5 Free Questions

What information is collected in project planning and design? (Multiple Choice)
A. Project Amount
B. Storage Information
C. Network Information
D. Host OS Version
Answer: BCD

To prevent Hyper CDP from taking up too much storage space, which of the following capacity thresholds can an administrator set on a storage pool? (Multiple Choice)
A. Protection capacity high threshold
b. Protection capacity low threshold
c. About to run out of capacity warning threshold
D. Capacity Alarm Threshold Reference
Answer: AB

In the implementation of storage solution deployment, which of the following steps need to be performed? (Multiple Choice)
A. Storage Network Configuration
B. Basic environmental inspection and confirmation
C. Hardware Installation
D. Storage function configuration and commissioning
Answer: ABCD

A storage solution engineer is planning a company's storage system and learned that 10 service system hosts are connected to the storage through Ethernet switches.
Which of the following options are correct when planning a switch configuration? (Multiple Choice)
A. Configure the storage management port to use the Loopback interface
B. The uplink port of the switch is configured as a trunk interface
C. The storage management port and service port are configured in different zones
D. The storage management port and service port are configured in different VLANs
Answer: BD

In the storage planning design process, which of the following options are part of the business planning process? (Multiple Choice)
A. Basic business
B. Capacity Planning
C. Value-added functions
D. Network Planning
Answer: ABC

Which of the following statements are true about Huawei hybrid flash storage? (Multiple Choice)
A. Support SAN and NAS integration
B. Support iSCSI, FC protocol
C. Support NFS, CIFS protocol
D. Support HTTP and FTP protocols
Answer: ABCD

Which of the storage architectures listed below are scalable? (Multiple Choice)
Answer: BCD

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