H13-221_V1.0 HCIP-Kunpeng Computing V1.0 Exam Questions

  Edina  06-01-2023

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HCIP-Kunpeng Computing V1.0 Exam Overview

Certification: HCIP-Kunpeng Computing
Exam Code: H13-221
Exam Name: HCIP-Kunpeng Computing V1.0
Language: ENU
Duration: 90 min
Pass Score/Total Score: 600/1000

Huawei HCIP-Kunpeng Computing V1.0 Exam Knowledge Points

1. Introduction to Kunpeng Computing Products   20%

  • Advanced technologies and development trends
  • Introduction to the Computing Product System
  • Server Advantages and Cases

2. Kunpeng Computing Product Planning and Design   20%

  • Planning and design concepts and processes.
  • Introduction to product planning and design.

3. Kunpeng Computing Product Installation and Deployment   30%

  • Introduction to Engineering Survey
  • Server Installation
  • Powering On and Off the Server
  • Compatibility Problem Description
  • Basic Server Software
  • Server Initialization Configuration
  • Server Firmware Upgrading

4. Intelligent O&M and Troubleshooting   30%

  • Routine Server O&M
  • Server Troubleshooting
  • Server O&M Software System Introduction
  • Introduction to SmartKit, FusionDirector, eService, and SmartProvisioning
  • Introduction to the Intelligent Management Ecosystem
  • Troubleshooting Cases of Hardware Faults
  • Troubleshooting Cases of Management Software Faults
  • Troubleshooting Cases of Operating System Faults
  • Troubleshooting Cases of High Risk Operations

View Online HCIP-Kunpeng Computing V1.0 H13-221_V1.0 Free Questions

1. Which of the following is not a solution for Huawei's intelligent computing ultra-large-scale deployment scenario?
A. Intelligent management solution at the data center level
B. Heterogeneous solutions.
C. All-in-one liquid-cooled cabinet solution
D. L1-level air conditioner and L2-level server intelligent linkage solution
Answer: B

2. In the integrated delivery process of computing products, which of the following activities needs to be completed in the integration planning link?
A. Technical management preparation
B. Overall program design and communication system
C. Monitoring and Optimization
D. POC test plan and use cases
Answer: B

3. In the computing product integration delivery process, which of the following activities needs to be completed in the engineering delivery link? (Multiple choice)
A. Integrated joint debugging
B. System Optimization
C. Transfer of assets
D. Hardware installation
Answer: AD

4. Which of the following management software can uniformly support the operation and maintenance work in the three major fields of cloud computing, server, and storage? 
C. SmartKit
Answer: C

5. Which of the following intelligent management functions does FusionDirector have? (Multiple choice)
A. Intelligent management
B. Smart Assets
C. Smart Energy Efficiency
D. Smart Deployment
Answer: ABCD

8. Huawei eService software is deployed in the company. Which of the following can be predicted by the intelligent prediction of eService? (Multiple choice)
A. Detect performance anomalies and provide analysis recommendations
B. Risk Disc Identification
C. Performance prediction, predicting the performance trend in the next 2 months
D. Forecast capacity trends for the next 12 months
Answer: ABCD

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