H12-891_V1.0-ENU HCIE-Datacom V1.0 Exam Questions

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HCIE-Datacom Certification Exam

Passing the HCIE-Datacom certification will indicate that you have a solid theoretical knowledge of multi-scenario convergence solutions for enterprise networks, and be able to use Huawei Datacom products and solutions to plan, deploy, maintain, and optimize enterprise campus networks, WAN interconnection, and bearer WAN. You will be competent for the expert positions of full-scenario enterprise networks (including account managers, project managers, pre-sales experts, post-sales experts, network architects, etc.). It is recommended that you learn HCIP-Datacom-Core Technology in advance. Five years relevant work experience is suggested.

HCIE-Datacom V1.0 Exam Details

Exam Name: HCIE-Datacom (Written)
Exam Code: H12-891
Language: ENU/CHS
Exam Format: True or false, Single-answer Question, Multiple-answer Question, Short Response Item, Drag and drop item
Exam Cost: 300 USD 
Exam Duration: 90 min
Pass Score/Total Score: 600/1000

HCIE-Datacom V1.0 Exam Knowledge Module Percentage

1.Advanced Routing and Switching Technology   37%
2.Campus Network Planning and Deployment   23%
3.WAN Interconnection Network Planning and Deployment   8%
4.Bearer WAN Planning and Deployment   15%
5.Network Automation   17%

View Online HCIE-Datacom V1.0 H12-891_V1.0-ENU Free Questions

Which description is wrong about the function of OSPFv3 protocol authentication? (Multiple choice)
A.OSPFv3 can only establish a security alliance SA using manual mode
B.Huawei router OSPFv3 IPSec authentication can not only support transmission mode, but also support tunnel mode
C.OSPFv3 authentication relies on IPv6 packet authentication headers and encapsulation security net load headers
D.The OSPFv3 protocol header removes the Type and Automation fields

Compared to IPV4 multicast, which of the following descriptions is the characteristic of IP6 multicast?
A.IPv6 multicast does not contain MSDP and dense mode
B.The first 8bit IPV6 multicast address is always FF(11111111).
C.IPv6 multicast clients use IGMPv3 to join multicast groups
D.IPv6 multicast load sharing extends the multicast routing rules and is completely independent of RPF check

Which of the following description about the attributes of BGP is correct? 
A.The AS number of the adjacent AS, ranked to the far right of the list of AS_Path in the BGP route entry.
B.When a BGP Speaker publishes a route learned from an EBCP peer to an IBGP peer, it does not change the next hop attribute of that routing information.
C.Local_Pref is valid only between EBGP peers and is not advertised to third-party AS
D.A route can have only one community attribute value.

Which of the following statement about ISIS (IPv6) is correct? (Multiple choice)
A.In order to support the processing and calculation of IPV6 routes, IS-IS has added TLV232, 236
B.By default, IS-IS has the multi-topology feature turned on
C.IS-IS works at the data link layer and only needs to add a new TLV to support IPv6
D.To support the processing and computation of IPv6 routes, IS-IS has added NLPID to the 129TLV
Answer:A, C, D

Regarding the OSPFv3 protocol, which of the following description is incorrect?
A.In the case of sharing a single router, each OSPFV3 process runs independently
B.In the same OSPFv3 process under the same interface, you can run multiple instances of
C.You can support running multiple instances on a single link
D.OSPFv3 message header will contain the Instance ID field

Which of the following options uses an alternate channel to enable communication between IPV6 addresses? (Multiple choice)
Answer:B, C

SSH uses asymmetric encryption algorithms AES and DES to achieve security for data transmission, and uses HMAC to ensure the complete integrity of integer data.

In an IPv6 network, two nodes A and B are neighbors to each other if Node A sends NS messages to Node B if node B is B After receiving the message, reply to the NA message, then view it on node A, what will the neighbor status be marked? 

Which of the following description about the Layer 6 functionality in the OSI reference model is correct?
A.Synchronous communication
B.Establishing, maintaining, and terminating communication sessions
C.Provides a common data compression and encryption scheme
D.Determines the availability of resources

What are the common ways to learn routing in BGP? (Multiple choice)
A.receives neighbor routing information
B.Introduce static routes
C.BGP routing for other AS is introduced
D.Introduced Direct Route
Answer:A, B, D

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