H12-724-ENU HCIP-Security (Fast track) V1.0 Exam Questions

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H12-724 is a fast track exam for HCIP-Security certification.H12-724-ENU is the English version. You also can choose to take 3 exams (H12-721,H12-722,H12-723) to achieve your HCIP-Security Certification. PassQuestion provides the latest H12-724-ENU HCIP-Security (Fast track) V1.0 Exam Questions to help you get everything that you need to prepare and pass the challenging Huawei certification H12-724-ENU exam with flying colors. You can practice real H12-724-ENU questions and answers before appearing in the real exam so that you can get an idea of test preparation and also will be able to sit confidently in the HCIP-Security (Fast track) V1.0 H12-724-ENU exam easily.

HCIP-Security (Fast track) V1.0 Exam (H12-724-ENU)

The fast track exam is only allowed for engineers that meet the requirement of having an equivalent or higher level certification from another vendor (for example Cisco CCNP or CCIE). You will be asked to send proof of this upon applying for your certification. If you don't meet this requirement, you will have to take the 3 regular exams (H12-721,H12-722,H12-723) to get the HCIP-Security certification. It looks like the exam center has taken the relevant page off the shelf.
If you have obtained a certificate from another vendor with the same HCIP security level, you only need to run the fast track exam command to obtain an HCIP security certificate. If you have not obtained a certificate of the same level, it is recommended that you take the HCIP security exam directly. You do not need to pass the HCIA security exam first.

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The AD/LDAP account can be synchronized to the Agile Controller-Campus or not to the Agile Controller-Campus. Synchronize.
The Agile Controller-Campus can only be authorized by user group. If it is not synchronized to the Agile Controller-Campus, it can be fine-tuned based on the account.
Answer: B

If the self-determined meter function is enabled on the Agile Controller-Campus and the account PMAC address is bound, Within a period of time, the number of incorrect cipher input by the end user during authentication exceeds the limit. Which of the following descriptions is correct? (multiple choice)
A.When the account number is reserved, only the sword type number cannot be authenticated on the bound terminal device, and it can be authenticated normally on other terminal devices.
B.The account is locked on all terminal devices and cannot be recognized.
C.If you want to lock out the account, the administrator can only delete the account from the list.
D.After the lock time, the account will be automatically unlocked
Answer: A, D

Regarding the policy for checking account security, which of the following descriptions are correct? (Multiple choice)
A.You can check whether there is a weak password.
B.You can check whether the account has joined a specific group.
C.It cannot be repaired automatically._
D.It is not possible to check whether the password length meets the requirements.
Answer: A, B

Deployed by an enterprise network managerAgile Controller-Campus withSACG Later;Identity authentication is successful but cannot access the post-authentication domain, This phenomenon may be caused by what reason? (Multiple choice)
A.A serious violation will prohibit access to the post-authentication domain.
B.The access control list of the post-authentication domain has not been delivered SACG.
C.ALC The number of rules issued is too many, and a lot of time is required to match, causing interruption of access services.
D.Agile Controller-Campus Wrong post-authentication domain resources are configured on the server.
Answer: A, B, D

In the Agile Controller-Campus solution, which device is usually used as the hardware SACG?
Answer: C

Use the command on the switch to view the status of free mobility deployment, the command is as follows:
For the above command, which of the following descriptions is correct?
A.The control server address is
B.The authentication device address is
C.Status is'Working'Indicates that the switch and Controller Linkage is successful
D.current Controller The server is backup n
Answer: C

The user accesses the network through the network access device, and the third-party RADIUS server authenticates and authorizes the user. Regarding the certification process, which of the following options is wrong?
A.Configure RADIUS authentication and accounting on the RADIUS server.
B.Configure the Agile Controller-Campus for local data source authentication, receive the packets sent by the device, and perform authentication.
C.Configure RADIUS authentication and accounting on the device side. W"
D.Configure RADIUS authentication and authorization on the Agile Controller-Campus.
Answer: B

Regarding the application scenarios of Agile Controller-Campus centralized deployment and distributed deployment, which of the following options are correct? (Multiple select)
A.If most end users work in one area and a few end users work in branch offices, centralized deployment is recommended.
B.If most end users are concentrated on--Offices in several regions, and a small number of end users work in branches. Distributed deployment is recommended.
C.If end users are scattered in different geographical locations, a distributed deployment solution is recommended.
D.If end users are scattered in different regions, a centralized deployment solution is recommended.
Answer: A, C

Regarding the description of the security zone in the Agile Controller-Campus, which of the following options are correct? (multiple choice)
A.The user domain is generally composed of various terminal users. The terminals in this area have the characteristics of large numbers, wide distribution, and strong mobility.
B.The business domain is a platform for the heavy load of business flows. According to the needs of the enterprise, security technology is used to logically divide the business to realize the security of the network.
C.The network domain is the most concerned security protection area of various enterprises, and it carries the important and core information assets of the enterprise.
D.The service domain is the area that provides security services for the corporate intranet. This area is generally composed of systems that provide security services such as antivirus servers, patch management servers, and terminal security servers.
Answer: A, D

In the Agile Controller-Campus admission control technology framework, regarding the description of RADIUS, which of the following options is correct?
A.PADIUS Used on the client and 802.1X Information such as user names and passwords are passed between switches.
B.PADIUS Used in 802.1X Switch and AAA Information such as user name and password are passed between servers.
C.PADIUS Used for Portal Server pushes to users Web page.
D.PADIUS Used for server to SACG Security policy issued by the device
Answer: B

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