H11-851_V3.0 HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Certification Exam Questions

  Edina  11-06-2021

If you are appearing in HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 H11-851_V3.0 exam, then you can prepare your exam quickly from H11-851_V3.0 HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Certification Exam Questions which are provided by PassQuestion. You will have to use our H11-851_V3.0 questions and answers multiple times so you can ensure your success in the real exam. It will provide you a real exam scenario so you can get a better idea of how you can prepare for the HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 exam. We have multiple H11-851_V3.0 HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Certification Exam Questions that you can use to prepare for the Huawei H11-851_V3.0 exam on the first attempt. 

HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Certification Overview

HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 aims to train and certificate engineers with capability of basic operation and product O&M skills in video conferencing field.After passing the HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 certification, you will have a good command of understanding and mastering the video conferencing technologies, video conferencing protocols, video conferencing endpoint features and O&M, IdeaHub product features and O&M, MCU product features, SMC product features, recording product features, and basic O&M management of the video conferencing system, be able to operate, maintain and manage video conferencing system. You will be qualified for video conferencing engineers.

HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Exam Information

  • Exam Code: H11-851
  • Exam Name: HCIA-Video Conference
  • Exam language: ENU/CHS
  • Question Type: Single Answer, Multiple Answer, True-false Question, Fill in the  blank answers, Drag and drop item
  • Exam fees: 200USD
  • Exam Duration: 90min
  • Passing score/Total score: 600/1000

HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Exam Content

  • Video Conferencing Technology and Product Overview  13%
  • Basics and Applications of Video Conferencing Protocols  18%
  • Video Conferencing Endpoint Products and O&M   14%
  • IdeaHub Products and O&M    20%
  • MCU Products and Features   12%
  • SMC Products and Features   18%
  • Recording & Streaming Products and Features   5%

HCIA-Video Conference V3.0 Exam Knowledge Points

Video Conferencing Technologies and Products Overview

  • Video Communication Development Trend
  • Video Conferencing System
  • Video Conferencing Applications

Basics and Applications of Video Conferencing Protocols

  • SIP Basics
  • H.323 Basics

Video Conferencing Endpoint Products and O&M

  • HUAWEI HDVideo Conferencing Endpoint Overview
  • HUAWEI HD Video Conferencing Endpoint Introduction
  • Peripherals for HUAWEI HD Video Conferencing Endpoints
  • Product Positioning and Application Scenarios
  • Features and Functions
  • Endpoint Basic Installation
  • Endpoint Basic Operations
  • Routine Maintenance and Diagnostics

IdeaHub Products and O&M

  • Huawei IdeaHub Product Overview
  • Basic Functions and Features of Huawei IdeaHub
  • Basic Operations on HUAWEI IdeaHub
  • Routine Maintenance and Diagnosis

MCU Products and Features

  • MCU Products
  • MCU Features
  • MCU Typical Networking

SMC Products and Features

  • SMC Product Overview
  • SMC Functions and Features
  • SMC2.0 Configuration Preparation
  • SMC2.0 Basic Configuration
  • SMC2.0 Management System
  • SMC2.0 Conference Operations
  • SMC2.0 Report Operations
  • SMC2.0 Management Permission Operations
  • SMC3.0 Configuration Preparation
  • SMC3.0 Basic Configuration
  • SMC3.0 Management Operations
  • SMC3.0 Conference Operations

Recording & Streaming Products and Features

  • Product Overview
  • O&M

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