Google Workspace Administrator Certification Exam Questions

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Are you preparing for the Professional Google Workspace Administrator Exam? PassQuestion provides the latest Google Workspace Administrator Certification Exam Questions to guide you on how to prepare and pass the Professional Google Workspace Administrator certification exam successfully. You can learn with Google Workspace Administrator Certification Exam Questions according to the latest syllabus and achieve excellent grades in Professional Google Workspace Administrator Exam. Candidates who go through these Google Workspace Administrator Certification Exam Questions have the best chance to clear the Google Workspace Administrator exam on the first attempt.

Professional Google Workspace Administrator Exam Overview

A Professional Google Workspace Administrator transforms business objectives into tangible configurations, policies, and security practices as they relate to users, content, and integrations. Through their understanding of their organization's infrastructure, Google Workspace Administrators enable people to work together, communicate, and access data in a secure and efficient manner. Operating with an engineering and solutions mindset, they use tools, programming languages, and APIs to automate workflows. They look for opportunities to educate end users and increase operational efficiency while advocating for Google Workspace and the Google toolset.

The Professional Google Workspace Administrator exam assesses your ability to:
Plan and implement Google Workspace authorization and access
Manage user, resource, and shared drive life cycles
Control and configure Google Workspace services
Configure and manage endpoint access
Monitor organizational operations
Advance Google Workspace adoption and collaboration

Professional Google Workspace Administrator Exam Details

Length: 2 hours
Registration fee: $200 (plus tax where applicable)
Languages: English, Japanese
Exam format: Multiple choice and multiple select
Recommended experience: 3+ years of industry experience including 1+ year Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) administration experience.

Exam Objectives

Section 1: Object management
Section 2: Service configuration
Section 3: Troubleshooting
Section 4: Data access and authentication
Section 5: Support business initiatives

View Online Professional Google Workspace Administrator Free Questions

After making a recent migration to Google Workspace, you updated your Google Cloud Directory Sync configuration to synchronize the global address list. Users are now seeing duplicate contacts in their global directory in Google Workspace. You need to resolve this issue.
What should you do?
A.Train users to use Google Workspace's merge contacts feature.
B.Enable directory contact deduplication in the Google Workspace Admin panel.
C.Update shared contact search rules to exclude internal users.
D.Create a new global directory, and delete the original.
Answer : C

Your company policy requires that managers be provided access to Drive data once an employee leaves the company.
How should you grant this access?
A.Make the manager a delegate to the former employee's account.
B.Copy the data from the former employee's My Drive to the manager's My Drive.
C.Transfer ownership of all Drive data using the file transfer ownership tool in the Google Workspace Admin console.
D.Login as the user and add the manager to the file permissions using the ''Is owner' privilege for all Drive files.
Answer : C

On which two platforms can you push WiFi connection information with Google Workspace? (Choose two.)
A.Mac OS
C.Chrome OS
Answer: C, D

Security and Compliance has identified that data is being leaked through a third-party application connected to Google Workspace. You want to investigate using an audit log.
What log should you use?
A.Admin audit log
B.SAML audit log
C.Drive usage audit log
D.OAuth Token audit log
Answer: D

Your employer, a media and entertainment company, wants to provision Google Workspace Enterprise accounts on your domain for several world-famous celebrities. Leadership is concerned with ensuring that these VIPs are afforded a high degree of privacy. Only a small group of senior employees must be able to look up contact information and initiate collaboration with the VIPs using Google Workspace services such as Docs, Chat, and Calendar.
You are responsible for configuring to meet these requirements. What should you do?
A.In the Users list, find the VIPs and turn off the User setting “Directory Sharing.”
B.Create a Group for the VIPs and their handlers, and set the Group Access Level to Restricted.
C.In Directory Settings, disable Contact Sharing.
D.Create separate Custom Directories for the VIPs and regular employees.
Answer: D

After migrating to Google Workspace, your legal team requests access to search all email and create litigation holds for employees who are involved with active litigation. You need to help the legal team meet this request.
What should you do?
A.Add the legal team to the User Management Admin system role.
B.Add the legal team to the Google Vault Google Group.
C.Create a custom role with Google Vault access, and add the legal team.
D.Create a matter in Google Vault, and share with the legal team.
Answer: C

The CEO of your company heard about new security and collaboration features and wants to know how to stay up to date. You are responsible for testing and staying up to date with new features, and have been asked to prepare a presentation for management.
What should you do?
A.Download the Google Workspace roadmap, and work together with a deployment specialist for new features.
B.Create a support ticket for the Google Workspace roadmap, and ask to enable the latest release of Google Workspace.
C.Subscribe to the Google Workspace release calendar, and Join the Google Cloud Connect Community.
D.Change Google Workspace release track to: Rapid Release for faster access to new features.
Answer: C is in the process of migrating from a third-party email system to Google Workspace. The VP of Marketing is concerned that her team already administers the corporate AdSense, AdWords, and YouTube channels using their email addresses, but has not tracked which users have access to which service. You need to ensure that there is no disruption.
What should you do?
A.Run the Transfer Tool for Unmanaged users.
B.Use a Google Form to survey the Marketing department users.
C.Assure the VP that there is no action required to configure Google Workspace.
D.Contact Google Enterprise Support to identify affected users.
Answer: A

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