Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Questions and Answers

  Edina  11-19-2021

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Cloud Digital Leader Exam

A Cloud Digital Leader can distinguish and evaluate the various capabilities of Google Cloud core products and services and how they can be used to achieve desired business goals. A Cloud Digital Leader is well-versed in basic cloud concepts and can demonstrate a broad application of cloud computing knowledge in a variety of applications.

The Cloud Digital Leader exam is job-role independent. The exam assesses the knowledge and skills of individuals who want or are required to understand the purpose and application of Google Cloud products.

Exam Information

  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Registration fee: $99
  • Language: English, Japanese
  • Exam format: Multiple choice and multiple select
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Recommended experience: Experience collaborating with technical professionals

Exam Objectives

  • General cloud knowledge 
  • General Google Cloud knowledge
  • Google Cloud products and services

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Your organization consists of many teams. Each team has many Google Cloud projects. Your organization wants to simplify the management of identity and access policies for these projects.
How can you group these projects to meet this goal?
A.Group each team's projects into a separate domain
B.Assign labels based on the virtual machines that are part of each team's projects
C.Use folders to group each team's projects
D.Group each team's projects into a separate organization node
Answer : D

Your organization needs to restrict access to a Cloud Storage bucket. Only employees who are based in Canada should be allowed to view the contents.
What is the most effective and efficient way to satisfy this requirement?
A.Deploy the Cloud Storage bucket to a Google Cloud region in Canada
B.Configure Google Cloud Armor to allow access to the bucket only from IP addresses based in Canada
C.Give each employee who is based in Canada access to the bucket
D.Create a group consisting of all Canada-based employees, and give the group access to the bucket
Answer : C

Your organization is moving an application to Google Cloud. As part of that effort, it needs to migrate the application's working database from another cloud provider to Cloud SQL. The database runs on the MySQL engine. The migration must cause minimal disruption to users. Data must be secured while in transit.
Which should your organization use?
A.BigQuery Data Transfer Service
B.MySQL batch insert
C.Database Migration Service
D.Cloud Composer
Answer : C

Your large and frequently changing organization's user information is stored in an on-premises LDAP database. The database includes user passwords and group and organization membership.
How should your organization provision Google accounts and groups to access Google Cloud resources?
A.Replicate the LDAP infrastructure on Compute Engine
B.Use the Firebase Authentication REST API to create users
C.Use Google Cloud Directory Sync to create users
D.Use the Identity Platform REST API to create users
Answer : C

Your organization recently migrated its compute workloads to Google Cloud. You want these workloads in Google Cloud to privately and securely access your large volume of on-premises data, and you also want to minimize latency.
What should your organization do?
A.Use Storage Transfer Service to securely make your data available to Google Cloud
B.Create a VPC between your on-premises data center and your Google resources
C.Peer your on-premises data center to Google's Edge Network
D.Use Transfer Appliance to securely make your data available to Google Cloud
Answer : A

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