DES-2T13 Practice Test Questions - Cloud Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Cloud Architects

  Edina  09-03-2019

There are many ways to help you pass DES-2T13 exam and selecting a good pathway is a good protection. Passquestion can provide you EMC DES-2T13 Practice Test Questions and high-quality reference information for you to participate in the Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Exam.EMC DES-2T13 Practice Test Questions provided by Passquestion can definitely do our best to help you pass DECS-CA certification DES-2T13 exam.

DES-2T13 Exam Overview - Specialist – Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Exam

This DES-2T13 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist - Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure (DECS-CA) track. This exam focuses on knowledge and skills to successfully design a cloud infrastructure that supports multiple types of services. It tests the ability of data center technology professionals to design robust cloud based infrastructure incorporating components such as cloud management, consumer resources, elasticity, metering, hybrid capabilities, and disaster recovery.

DES-2T13 Exam Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:

Introduction to Cloud Design and Design Parameters (10%)
Data Collection and Analysis (12%)
Architecting a Do-It-Yourself Solution (25%)
Architecting a CI / HCI Solution (18%)
Cloud Management Platform (10%)
Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud (15%)
Application Development and Deployment Platform (10%)

Download EMC DES-2T13 Practice Test Questions:

What is a packaged PaaS Solution?
A. Pivotal Cloud Foundry
B. Google App Engine
C. Microsoft Azure
D. Apache MESOS
Answer: A

What are key focus areas of requirements gathering for a cloud design?
A. Automation and multi-tenancy
B. Data growth and consolidation
C. Multi-tenancy and data growth
D. Consolidation and automation
Answer: C

As a cloud architect you are working with an organization to choose between a DIY or packaged PaaS
Solution. What is a selection criterion that applies to DIY?
A. Has a higher cost of licensing and support
B. Is a more stable platform
C. Has built-in governance policies
D. Supports automated configuration
Answer: B

An organization wants to provide its developers the ability to deploy VMs. These VMs have software and
libraries installed that are used to develop applications. Each VM will be configured with the same IP address
and will be able to download application code from a central server.
What will be included in the design to support these requirements?
A. VXLANs and an OS firewall
B. VXLANs and virtual firewall appliances
C. VLANs and virtual IDS appliances
D. VSANs and virtual IDS appliances
Answer: B

Which cloud services are typically responsible for automatically scaling applications?
A. Orchestration and monitoring
B. Service catalog and orchestration
C. Metering and automation
D. Monitoring and metering
Answer: C

As a cloud architect, you are designing a CI solution to ensure that you isolate specific workloads for security.
What should you design for?
A. High Availability
B. Fault Tolerance
C. Multi-tenancy
D. Redundancy
Answer: B

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