Delta - Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions HPE0-V15 Dumps

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Delta - Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions

This ATP certification validates a successful candidate has foundational knowledge and skills of the HPE infrastructure strategy, encompassing SMB server, storage, networking, and management tools and their underlying architecture technologies. Given a set of customer requirements and a solution design, implement the solution.

Ideal candidate

The ideal candidate has a minimum of twelve months hands-on experience or equivalent in at least one of the core HPE areas (Server, Storage, and Networking) and six months experience or equivalent in other HPE SMB solutions and foundational technologies.

The candidate assists with the design and participates in the demonstration/proof of concept, integration, and administration aspects of foundational HPE solutions.

Exam Details

Exam ID: HPE0-V15
Exam type: Proctored
Exam duration: 1 hour
Exam length: 40 questions
Passing score: 66%
Delivery languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Exam Objectives

20%    Describe, differentiate, and apply industry standard, foundational SMB architectures and technologies

  • Identify and explain industry standard IT technologies used in small and medium-sized solutions and their use cases

20%    Recommend and position HPE products, solutions, and appropriate services for use cases

  • Given a use case, recommend the appropriate HPE products, solutions, and services to meet the business requirement

20%    Evaluate customer environment, and plan and design solutions using the HPE portfolio to meet customer requirements

  • Identify and describe planning, design and sizing tools and when to use them.
  • Given customer requirements, design an HPE server solution to meet those requirements
  • Given customer requirements, design an HPE storage solution to meet those requirements
  • Given customer requirements, design an HPE network solution to meet those requirements.
  • Given customer requirements, design an end-to-end, small to medium-sized HPE solution to meet those requirements

20%    Install, configure, and upgrade HPE solutions and their components and validate the implementation

  • Install physical solution systems including racking, power, and cabling connections
  • Given a solution, configure and validate the server, storage and/or networking components including integrating subsystems. 

10%    Troubleshoot and remediate HPE solution components

  • Identify the tools and methods to troubleshoot and remediate an HPE solution and when to use each tool and method 
  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and remediate HPE solutions including component integrations (server, storage, and networking)

10%    Manage, monitor, administer, and operate HPE solutions and their components

  • Manage HPE solutions and subsystems to ensure the solution continues to meet customer requitements

View Online Delta - Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions HPE0-V15 Free Questions

Which feature in a block storage array is effective in decreasing the size of blocks?
A.thin provisioning
B.thick provisioning
Answer: C

A customer purchased a Nimble HF20 a year ago They are experiencing an issue with a few of their VMware servers in the RTP Nimble date center and asked that you make a recommendation based on the data in infoSight.
What should you recommend?
A.Add cache to the array for the RTP Nimble Datacenter.
B.increase the cache size for VMware-DS-Space-NoDeDup
C.increase the datastore size for VMware-DS-Space-NoDeDup.
D.Add another datastore for the RTP Nimble Datacenter
Answer: D

What is the process or writing data to two locations within a single array in real time?
A.replication continuity mirroring
Answer: C

A customer needs to add storage capacity to a host In a remote branch office. They have limited IT resources, so the solution requires ease of integration at a low price point
Which HPE Storage family best meets these needs?
A.HPE D3000 Enclosure
B.HPE 3PAR StoreServ
C.HPE MSA Storage Array
D.HPE NimbIe Storage
Answer: C

An administrator has two switches connected with a single link. The administrator observes that, during hours of peak activity, the storage traffic tends to consume the link. The link is shared with other types of traffic that is time sensitive.
What technology can the administrator use to help alleviate the situation while they are working towards a long-term solution?
A.Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
B.Priority-based Flow Control (PFC)
C.RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
D.Multi Active Discriminator (MAD)
Answer: C

A customer requires five HPE ProLiant servers that will be mounted in a rack and shipped from site to site All servers must be online within an hour of site arrival
Which feature will ensure that the servers will be available to the business if travel motion has damaged a DIMM?
A.HPE Fast Fault Tolerance Memory protection
B.Triple+ Parity RAID protection
C.Flash Back Write Cache battery protection
D.HPE Active Health System integration
Answer: A

A customer needs to move data residing in one class of disks to a more appropriate class of disks based on data access patterns without manual intervention.
Which HPE MSA storage technology/feature will meet the customer requirement?
A.Wide striping
B.Automated Tiering
C.Volume Tier Affinity
D.SSD read cache
Answer: B

A customer with a Microsoft server environment wants to consolidate their employee home directories and other company file shares presented from an appliance as a single name space.
Which HPE product should you recommend to the customer?
D.MSA storage
Answer: B

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