Dell Unity Deploy 2023 D-UN-DY-23 Exam Questions

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D-UN-DY-23 Exam Overview - Dell Unity Deploy 2023 Exam

The Dell EMC Unity Deploy certification is designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the Unity domain. By passing the Dell EMC Unity Deploy 2023 (DCS-IE) exam, candidates demonstrate their foundational knowledge and skills in the Dell EMC DCS-IE field. This exam evaluates the candidate's ability to effectively manage Dell Unity storage systems in a production environment and provision them according to business requirements. It may also cover configuration tasks that align with the ongoing administration of Dell Unity systems, as well as some basic integration topics.

Exam Information  
Exam Name Dell EMC Unity Deploy 2023 (DCS-IE)
Exam Code D-UN-DY-23
Exam Price $230 (USD)
Duration 90 Minutes
Number of Questions 40 Questions
Pass Score 63%

Exam Objectives

Dell Unity Platform Concepts, Features, and Architecture (10%)

● Describe the Dell Unity platform architecture, features, and functions
● Describe the Dell Unity VSA software defined storage solution
● Identify the Dell Unity XT hardware components

Dell Unity XT and UnityVSA Installation and Service (10%)

● Install and initialize a Dell Unity XT storage system
● Deploy and initialize a Dell UnityVSA system
● Perform key service tasks and identify related resources
● Describe the Dell Unity Platform service functions

Dell Unity XT and UnityVSA System Administration (5%)

● Identify and describe the user interfaces for monitoring and managing the Dell Unity family of storage systems
● Configure the Dell Unity XT support and basic system settings for system administration

Dell Unity XT and UnityVSA Storage Provisioning and Access (25%)

● Describe dynamic and traditional storage pools and how they are provisioned
● Describe dynamic pool expansion, considerations for mixing drive sizes and the rebuild process
● Provision block, file and VMware datastore storage
● Configure host access to block storage resources
● Configure NAS client access to SMB and NFS file storage resources
● Configure VMware ESXi hosts to access VMware datastore storage resources

Storage Efficiency, Scalability, and Performance Features (25%)

● Describe and configure FAST Cache
● Describe and configure File Level Retention
● Describe and configure Data Reduction
● Describe and configure FAST VP

Data Protection and Mobility (25%)

● Describe the Snapshots data protection feature and snapshot creation
● Descibe the Replication data protection feature
● Create synchronous and asynchronous replication sessions for storage resources

Preparation Tips To Pass The Dell Unity Deploy 2023 D-UN-DY-23 Exam

- Familiarize yourself with the Dell Unity storage systems and their management in a production environment.
- Understand the provisioning process according to business requirements.
- Study configuration tasks related to ongoing administration of Dell Unity systems.
- Learn about basic integration topics.
- Practice with sample questions and mock exams to assess your knowledge and improve your test-taking skills.
- Utilize official Dell EMC Unity Deploy 2023 exam resources and study guides.
- Stay updated with the latest industry trends and advancements in Dell Unity technology.
- Manage your time effectively during the exam and review your answers before submitting.
- Maintain a positive mindset and confidence in your abilities.

Remember, thorough preparation and continuous practice will greatly increase your chances of passing the Dell Unity Deploy 2023 D-UN-DY-23 exam successfully.

View Online Dell EMC Unity Deploy 2023 (DCS-IE) D-UN-DY-23 Free Questions

1. What condition must be met when performing a Data in Place conversion?
A.  M.2 device must be swapped before replacing the new Storage Processor
B.  Both Storage Processors must be powered off
C.  Primary Storage Processor must be swapped before the secondary one
D.  Both Storage Processors must be put in Service mode
 Answer: B

2. At what point does a host write I/O get written to the compression library?
A.  Immediately after being acknowledge by the host
B.  After the write is in cache but not yet acknowledged by the host
C.  After the write is in the data log and a PFDC flush operation occurs
D.  Immediately after it is written to the data log
Answer: C

3. When connecting hosts to a Unity storage array, which protocols are supported?
A.  FICON and iSCSIsss
B.  Fibre Channel and FCoE
C.  iSCSI and FCoE
D.  iSCSI and Fibre Channel
Answer: D

4. Which Unity storage resource is configured when running the Initial Configuration wizard?
A.  Consistency Group
B.  Storage Pool
C.  File System
Answer: B

5. What step needs to be completed prior to performing the LUN Snapshot Attach to Host operation?
A.  Configure host connectivity to Unity
B.  Detach host from snapshots of any other LUN
C.  Configure host for LUN access
D.  Configure host NTP time synchronization
Answer: A

6. A company has several LUNs being accessed by VMware ESXi over iSCSI. How can they minimize the resulting impact on performance?
A.  Configure the ESXi host for Round Robin Path Selection with IOPS limit of 2
B.  Configure the ESXi host to send an ACK for every other full-sized data segment
C.  Disable “DelayedACK” on the ESXi host
D.  Enable “DelayedACK” on the ESXi host
Answer: C

7. In which CloudIQ proactive health score category is CPU utilization monitored?
A.  Capacity
B.  Performance
C.  Configuration
D.  System Health
Answer: B

8. Which option can be enabled in the Advanced tab of the SMB Share Properties window?
A.  Protocol Encryption
B.  SMB Direct
C.  CEPA support
D.  NMFS support
Answer: A

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