Data Management Fundamentals DMF-1220 Exam Questions

  Edina  02-04-2021

Looking for test preparation for DMF-1220 Data Management Fundamentals Exam? PassQuestion new cracked Data Management Fundamentals DMF-1220 Exam Questions which contain many practice questions and answers about Data Management Fundamentals and they can ensure you pass DAMA DMF-1220 exam. With the Data Management Fundamentals DMF-1220 Exam Questions we provide, you can take a better preparation for the exam. We assure PassQuestion Data Management Fundamentals DMF-1220 Exam Questions can guarantee you pass the CDMP Certification DMF-1220 exam at the first attempt.

DMF-1220 Exam Information

Number of questions: 100 multiple chpice questions
Duration: 90 minutes (If English is not your main language you will get an additional 20 minutes to complete the exam.)
Passing score: 60% for CDMP Associate, 70% for CDMP Practitioner, 80% for CDMP Master

DMF-1220 Exam Topics

Data Management Fundamentals DMF-1220 exam topics cover the following sections.
Data Management Process 2%
Big Data 2%
Data Architecture 6%
Document and Content Management 6%
Data Ethics 2%
Data Governance 11%
Data Integration and Interoperability 6%
Master and Reference Data Management 10%
Data Modelling and Design 11%
Data Quality 11%
Data Security 6%
Data Storage and Operations 6%
Data Warehousing and  Business Intelligence 10%
Metadata Management 11%

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1.Improving data quality requires a strategy that accounts for the work that needs to be done and the way people will execute it.
Answer: A

2.A data governance strategy defines the scope and approach to governance efforts. Deliverables include:
A. Charter
B. Operating framework and accountabilities
C. Implementation roadmap
D. Plan for operational success
E. All of the above
F. None of the above
Answer: E

3.Data stewardship is the least common label to describe accountability and responsibility for data and processes to ensure effective control and use of data assets.
Answer: B

4.Sample value metrics for a data governance program include:
A. Reduction of risk
B. Improved efficiency in operations
C. Effectiveness of education
D. Achievements of goals and objectives
E. Contributions to business objectives
F. Effectiveness of communication
Answer: A,B,E

5.RACI is an acronym that is made up of the following terms.
A. Control
B. Responsible
C. Accountable
D. Informed
E. Reliable
F. Consulted
Answer: B,C,D,F

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