DES-DD33 Practice Test Questions - Specialist - Systems Administrator PowerProtect DD Exam

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Valid DES-DD33 Practice Test Questions presented by PassQuestion are the perfect source for your preparation.It covers all the topics that are to be tested in the DELL EMC DES-DD33 exam.PassQuestion DES-DD33 Practice Test Questions will enable you to pass the Specialist - Systems Administrator PowerProtect DD Exam in the first attempt.It is highly recommended to go through detailed DES-DD33 Practice Test Questions so you can clear your concepts before taking DES-DD33 PowerProtect DD Exam. Make sure that you are using up to date DES-DD33 Practice Test Questions so you can easily clear the DELL EMC DES-DD33 exam on the first shot.

Specialist – Systems Administrator, PowerProtect DD (DES-DD33) Exam

DES-DD33 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Systems Administrator,PowerProtect DD (DCS-SA) Certification. This exam assesses the knowledge and skills to configure and manage PowerProtect DD systems. This exam also covers the concepts,features, administration, and integration with other products.There are two parts in the DES-DD33 exam, you should pass both two parts to get certified.

Exam Information

Part 1:
Duration: 90 Minutes
Number of Questions: 54 Questions
Pass Score: 63%

Part 2:
Duration: 30 Minutes
Number of Questions: 6 Simulations
Pass Score: 66%

Exam Objectives

PowerProtect DD Concepts and Features (20%)

  • Explain the key differentiators of the Dell EMC PowerProtect DD deduplication technology, including SISL, DIA, In-line versus Post Process deduplication, and file versus block storage.
  • Identify typical Dell EMC PowerProtect DD backup and recovery solutions and describe PowerProtect DD product positioning.
  • Identify and describe various Dell EMC PowerProtect DD software options and the functionality they enable. 

Cloud Tier Administration (15%)

  • Describe Dell EMC Cloud Tier features, benefits, architecture and use cases.
  • Perform administrative tasks on Dell EMC PowerProtect DD systems with the Dell EMC Cloud Tier, including adding and expanding storage, adjusting compression settings, deleting or reusing storage units, configuring replication and disaster recovery.

PowerProtect DD Implementation in Backup Environments and Integration with Application Software (15%)

  • Distinguish between key backup software components.
  • Recognize the packet flow in a typical backup environment with and without a Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system.
  • Describe key information points for a backup and recovery solution using DD Boost/OST technology.
  • Implement best practices and system tuning procedures for optimal performance of backup enviro

PowerProtect DD System Administration (50%)

  • Implement Dell EMC Data Domain system with key protocols, including NFS/CIFS, DD Boost, VTL, and NDMP.
  • Implement Dell EMC PowerProtect DD system with key technologies,including data security, link aggregation/failover, fibre channel connections, secure multi-tenancy, DDMC, snapshots, fastcopy,retention lock, sanitization, encryption, storage migration, replication,and recovery functionalities.
  • Manage system access and describe and configure autosupport,Support bundle, SNMP, and Syslog.
  • Monitor system activity and performance and evaluate the cleaning frequency.
  • Verify hardware and analyze and interpret space utilization and compression graphs.
  • Monitor PowerProtect DD capacity and estimate storage burn rate

View Online Specialist – Systems Administrator, PowerProtect DD Exam DES-DD33 Free Questions

An organization uses tape libraries in their current backup infrastructure. They have purchased a PowerProtect DD system and plan to use VTL to move from physical tape.
What is a consideration when configuring the tape size?
A.Target multiple drives to write single stream
B.Use multiple drives to write multiple streams
C.Set retention periods for as long as possible
D.Use larger tapes for multiple smaller datasets
Answer: B

A storage administrator finished the zoning between the PowerProtect DD and the NetWorker backup server.
How can they verify that the zoning was completed properly and the server HBA are visible?
A. scsitarget initiator show list
B. scsitarget initiator list
C. scsitarget show initiator
D. scsitarget show initiator list
Answer: A

Which command is used to check if NFS is enabled?
A.nfs show clients
B.nfs enable
C.system show
D.nfs status
Answer: D

Which PowerProtect DD technology provides fast and efficient deduplication while minimizing disk access?
B. Cloud Tier
C. Cache Tier
Answer: B

An administrator wants to integrate a PowerProtect DD appliance into their current backup environment using CIFS, NFS, DD Boost, and VTL.
Which backup applications support these protocols?
A.Commvault Simpana and Veritas Backup Exec
B.Veritas NetBackup and Dell EMC NetWorker
C.Dell EMC Avamar and Dell EMC NetWorker
D.IBM Spectrum Protect and Veritas NetBackup
Answer: B

What is a characteristic of using replication with Dell EMC Cloud Tier?
A.Always takes place between the source and destination cloud tier
B.Cloud Tier is required to be configured on the source and destination systems
C.Always takes place between the source and destination active tier
D.Does not require that a file be recalled from the cloud on the source
Answer: C

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