DELL-EMC DEA-2TT3 CIS V3 Exam Questions

  Edina  05-31-2019

DEA-2TT3 exam is a qualifying exam for the Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate (DECA-CIS) certification. Candidates who want to pass DEA-2TT3 Exam can get the latest DEA-2TT3 CIS V3 Exam questions for preparation from Passquestion, we ensure you can get the latest learning material to study and 100% pass your Cisco DEA-2TT3 Exam easily in your first attempt.

DEA-2TT3 exam focuses on building cloud infrastructure based on a cloud computing reference model. It includes various aspects of cloud such as applications, cloud services and orchestration, modern infrastructure (physical, virtual, and softwaredefined infrastructure), business continuity, security, and service management that are essential for building a cloud infrastructure. This exam also focuses on the comprising technologies, components, processes, and mechanisms for each of these functions.

DEA-2TT3 Exam Topics

Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:
Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing Reference Architecture   (10%)
Application, Cloud Services, Orchestration, and Modern Infrastructure  (32%)
Cloud Security and Business Continuity (37%)
Cloud Service Management and IT Transformation (22%)

What credential will be achieved by passing DEA-2TT3?

Candidates who pass the DEA-2TT3 Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services Version 3 Exam will achieve the Associate - Cloud Infrastructure and Services Version 3 credential, a qualifying prerequisite for achieving Cloud Architect and Elastic Cloud Storage Specialist-level certifications.

How is CIS v3 differ from CIS v2?

CIS v3 training and certification provides foundational knowledge on need and impact of digital and IT transformation, and the role of Cloud adoption for a successful transformation. In addition to the fundamental compute, storage and network requirements, CISv3 discusses about the influence of modern applications, modern infrastructure and the need of people and right processes for effective adoption of Cloud.

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