DEA-41T1 Practice Test Questions - Associate – PowerEdge Exam

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DEA-41T1 Associate - PowerEdge Exam is a hot DELL EMC Certification exam, Passquestion team uses professional knowledge and experience to provide DEA-41T1 Practice Test Questions for people ready to participate in DEA-41T1 exam. The accuracy rate of DEA-41T1 Practice Test Questions provided by Passquestion is very high and they can 100% guarantee you pass the exam successfully for one time.

DEA-41T1 Exam Overview - Associate – PowerEdge Exam

DEA-41T1 exam is a qualifying exam for the Associates - PowerEdge track. This exam focuses on basic server technology knowledge and skills to install, configure,manage, and perform troubleshooting diagnostics on the Dell EMC PowerEdge Server platform.There are 60 questions in the real test and you should answer all questions in 90 minutes, the passing score is 63.

DEA-41T1 Exam Topics Covered In The Real Test

Topics likely to be covered on this exam include:

Server Installation and Upgrades (35%)
Basic Networking for Servers (5%)
Server Roles and Services (20%)
Basic Server Management (35%)
Security Best Practice (5%)

Download DEA-41T1 Practice Test Questions For Reference:

1.An administrator is implementing LTO-5 drives in their backup solution. They plan to disable hardware data compression through their backup appliance.
What is the maximum data rate that can be achieved?
A. 80 MB/s
B. 120 MB/s
C. 140 MB/s
D. 160 MB/s
Answer: C

2.A server is experiencing issues with completing POST. The environment does not have a KVM or “Crash cart” available to view where the system is halting.
Which method can an administrator use to determine the first place to start troubleshooting?
A. Run OpenManage Essentials
B. Check rear lights on the server chassis
C. Run Repository manager
D. Check iDRAC Post Code
Answer: B

3.What advantage do NVDIMMs have over other server-based memory technologies?
A. Operate at lower voltages to save on power costs.
B. Lower cost per GB of capacity
C. Require less cooling than traditional memory DIMMs
D. Can retain contents even after a power loss
Answer: D

4.What is an accurate statement in reference to software RAID?
A. Software RAID does not have any data integrity issues
B. Software RAID requires a hardware license
C. Software RAID is an additional cost 
D. Software RAID uses CPU resources
Answer: D

5.What is a consideration for a hardware administrator who is physically installing multiple servers into a rack?
A. Observe load requirements specified in documentation for the switch.
B. Avoid unevenly loading the rack and creating a hazard.
C. Ensure that the server can connect to Windows updates
D. Ensure that the associated UPS can also power the top-of-rack switch.
Answer: A

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