D-PE-FN-23 Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 Exam Questions

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D-PE-FN-23 Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 Exam is the new exam that has been introduced to replace the previous DEA-41T1 exam. To increase your chances of success and ensure that you pass this exam on your first attempt, we highly recommend studying the latest D-PE-FN-23 Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 Exam Questions from PassQuestion. By thoroughly preparing yourself with these comprehensive D-PE-FN-23 Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 Exam Questions, you will be well-prepared to tackle the exam confidently and effectively.

D-PE-FN-23 Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 Exam

Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 certification validates the candidate's comprehensive understanding of servers and their associated technologies, including networking, applications, maintenance, and security, with a specific focus on Dell PowerEdge Server products. The certification exam has a duration of 90 minutes, during which candidates will be tested on a total of 42 questions. To successfully pass the exam and obtain the certification, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 63%.

Exam Objectives

Introduction to Servers (30%)

● Describe the different types of servers
● Identify storage components
● Navigate to storage menu using the iDRAC UI
● Explain RAID concepts
● Create virtual disk using the iDRAC UI
● Explain server system setup
● Reboot server into system setup and create RAID storage
● Attach virtual memory and install the Windows operating system

Server Networking (11%)

● Distinguish between the types of roles and applications that servers perform
● Differentiate between the different types of Ethernet cables, the Ethernet speeds, Ethernet standards, and Network Daughter Cards (NDC.
● Describe the internet protocols and IP addressing and how to configure an IP address
● Understand the different types of network services
● Describe Virtualization and its benefits in the server infrastructure

Server Maintenance (46%)

● Differentiate between server components
● Identify the different server management applications
● Describe server power distribution
● Explain server environments and maintenance
● Explain how servers are monitored for benchmark performance using unique tools
● Understand server troubleshooting tasks
● Manage server configuration and apply change management

Server Security (13%)

● Define server security
● Explain how to accomplish server security
● Understand data backup (e.g. data backup plans, data backup policies, and backup execution.)
● Analyze storage solutions

Preparation Tips To Pass the D-PE-FN-23 Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 Exam

Here are some preparation tips to help you pass the D-PE-FN-23 Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 Exam:
1. Familiarize yourself with Dell PowerEdge Server products: Study the features, functionalities, and specifications of Dell PowerEdge Server products. Understand their configurations and how they integrate with other technologies.
2. Learn about server networking: Gain knowledge about networking concepts, protocols, and technologies related to server infrastructure. Understand how servers connect to networks and how to troubleshoot network-related issues.
3. Study server applications: Explore different applications commonly used in server environments. Understand their installation, configuration, and management processes. Learn about application compatibility and performance optimization.
4. Review server maintenance best practices: Familiarize yourself with server maintenance tasks such as firmware updates, driver installations, and hardware troubleshooting. Understand the importance of regular backups and system monitoring.
5. Understand server security: Learn about server security measures, including access controls, user authentication, and data encryption. Study common security vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them.
6. Practice with sample questions: Use practice exams and sample questions to assess your knowledge and identify areas for improvement. Familiarize yourself with the exam format and practice time management.

View Online Dell PowerEdge Foundations 2023 Exam D-PE-FN-23 Free Questions

1. On a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V, what is a prerequisite to support the host and run virtual machines at the same time?
A. Hypervisor joined to a cluster
B. 4 GB of memory
C. Host firewall disabled
D. Dual CPU configuration
Answer: B
2. A hospital wants to implement hardware security on one of their web servers. Which implementation meets this requirement?
A. DHCP service
B. Digital signing
C. DNS role
Answer: D
3. An administrator has configured an iSCSI storage array directly connected to a production server. The production application installed on the server relies on a database accessing data in the storage array. Clients are accessing the application through the local network.
Which storage infrastructure is described above?
Answer: C
4. How can an administrator determine if a Dell EMC PowerEdge server component is hot-swappable?
A. Presence of an orange tab on the component
B. Component is on the “HOT SWAP” list available from the LCD front panel
C. Presence of a blue tab on the component
D. Words "HOT SWAP" are printed on the assembly of the component
Answer: A
5. What is an example of a data archive?
A. Data of internal business policies and procedures
B. Data that is corrupted, changed or logged incorrectly
C. Current and critical production data that resides in a server’s primary storage
D. File and mail account data for a user that left an organization one month ago
Answer: D
6. How much raw capacity will be available when deploying a new server that contains six, 3 TB hard drives in a RAID 10 configuration?
A. 9 TB
B. 12 TB
C. 15 TB
D. 18 TB
Answer: A
7. Which RAID level introduces a new state called "partially degraded" when a single drive failure occurs?
Answer: D
8. A system administrator wants to remove and replace their operating system installation with a newer version. The administrator is using a Dell EMC Rack server with an iDRAC set up correctly.
Which tools are required to perform this operation?
A. iDRAC, SupportAssist, and Virtual Console
B. iDRAC, Virtual Console, and Virtual Media
C. iSM, Repository Manager, and Virtual Console
D. iDRAC, OMSA, and iSM
Answer: B
9. Which use case is Dell EMC OpenManage Server Administrator recommended for installation?
A. Comprehensive, one-to-one systems management solution for remote or local servers
B. Management console for one-to-many monitoring of Dell EMC infrastructure
C. Management and integration of firmware updates across an entire environment
D. Operation of hardware while iDRAC is non-functional
Answer: A
10. Based on Dell EMC best practices, what is a Network map?
A. Report of all drivers, applications, and firmware associated with each server
B. Guide to where hardware is located, and which connections are part of it
C. List of all hardware in the network, including software and licenses
D. Library of all logs being gathered from each individual server
Answer: B

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