Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist 500-220 ECMS Exam Dumps

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To obtain the Cisco Meraki Solution Specialist certification, a candidate must take and pass the Cisco Meraki Solutions (ECMS 500-220) exam. PassQuestion new released Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist 500-220 ECMS Exam Dumps that will help you prepare for the real exam. If you are using 500-220 ECMS Exam Dumps, then you will be able to clear your 500-220 Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions v1.0 exam in your first time.With PassQuestion Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist 500-220 ECMS Exam Dumps, candidates can shorten the preparation time and be prepared efficiently.

500-220 ECMS Exam Description - Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions v1.0

The Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions v1.0 (ECMS 500-220) is a 90-minute exam associated with the Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist. This exam tests a candidate's knowledge and skills to engineer Meraki solutions including cloud management, design, implementing, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist Certification will certify an IT professional’s ability to plan, design, implement, and operate Cisco Meraki solutions. It will cover the full suite of Meraki technologies: wireless LAN, switching, security and SD-WAN, wireless WAN, Meraki Insight, smart cameras, and mobile device management.

Exam Topics

Cisco Meraki Cloud Management

1.1 Explain Cisco Meraki cloud architecture
1.2 Explain access methods to dashboard and devices 
1.3 Explain organizational structure, segmentation and permissions
1.4 Explain licensing, co-termination, and renewals 
1.5 Compare deployment workflows


2.1      Design scalable Meraki Auto VPN architectures
2.2      Explain deployment consideration for the vMX
2.3      Design dynamic path selection policies
2.4      Design stable, secure, and scalable routing deployments
2.5      Design Enterprise network services
2.6      Design Enterprise wireless services
2.7      Compare endpoint device and application management methods


3.1      Configuring MX security appliances
3.2      Configuring MS switches
3.3      Configuring MR wireless access points
3.4      Configuring SM endpoint management
3.5      Configuring MV security cameras
3.6      Configuring MI application assurance

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

4.1      Interpret information from monitoring and reporting tools
4.2      Describe how to use the dashboard API to monitor and maintain networks
4.3      Explain firmware upgrades
4.4      Troubleshooting Enterprise networks

View Online Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist 500-220 Free Questions

Which Meraki Dashboard menu section is accessed to enable Sentry enrollment on an SSID?
A. Wireless > Configure > Access Control
B. Wireless > Configure > Splash page
C. Wireless > Configure > Firewall & Traffic Shaping
D. Wireless > Configure > SSIDs
Answer: A

Which type of authentication protocol is used when using OSPF on an MX appliance?
A. SHA-1
B. plaintext
C. certificate
D. MD5
Answer: D

When an SSID is configured with Sign-On Splash page enabled, which two settings must be configured for unauthenticated clients to have full network access and not be allow listed? (Choose two.)
A. Controller disconnection behavior
B. Captive Portal strength
C. Simultaneous logins
D. Firewall & traffic shaping
E. RADIUS for splash page settings
Answer: AB

For which two reasons can an organization become “Out of License”? (Choose two.)
A. licenses that are in the wrong network
B. more hardware devices than device licenses
C. expired device license
D. licenses that do not match the serial numbers in the organization
E. MR licenses that do not match the MR models in the organization
Answer: BC

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