Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers 700-826 IOTAM Exam Questions

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700-826 Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers exam tests a candidate's knowledge of Cisco’s IoT portfolio, extended enterprise, industrial security, and industry solutions. PassQuestion provides the most updated and relevant Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers 700-826 IOTAM Exam Questions to aid your preparation for the exam. Our comprehensive and meticulously curated Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers 700-826 IOTAM Exam Questions will enable you to get a thorough understanding of the subject matter. If you ensure to go through all of our Cisco 700-826 IOTAM Exam Questions and understand them completely, you will be in a strong position to clear the Cisco 700-826 exam on your very first attempt.

Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers v1.1 (700-826)

Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers v1.1 (IOTAM 700-826) is a 60-minute exam. The 700-826 IOTAM (Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers) exam is designed to test an individual's knowledge of Cisco's IoT solutions and how they can be applied to solve business challenges, as well as their ability to sell these solutions as an account manager. By passing this exam, individuals can demonstrate their proficiency in selling Cisco's IoT solutions, and demonstrate their expertise in IoT solutions.

700-826 IOTAM Exam Overview

Exam Code: 700-826
Exam Name: Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages: English
 Exam Cost: $80 USD

700-826 IOTAM Exam Topics

45% 1.0 Cisco IoT Portfolio

1.1 Explain Cisco IoT solutions
1.2 Describe the functionalities of IoT products
1.3 Describe uses for IoT solutions
1.4 Describe support resources

25% 2.0 Extended Enterprise

2.1 Understand the customer IoT journey and enterprise environments
2.2 Explain the features of Extended Enterprise solutions
2.3 Describe use cases for Extended Enterprise

30% 3.0 Industry Solutions

3.1 Explain the types and characteristics of Cisco Industry Solutions
3.2 Describe the benefits of Industry Solutions
3.3 Describe uses cases for Industry Solutions

View Online Cisco IoT Essentials for Account Managers 700-826 IOTAM Free Questions

1. What is the primary value proposition of Cisco Cyber Vision?
A. securely run authenticated loT applications at the edge on Cisco's IOx-hosted infrastructure
B. embedded small form factor solves size, weight, and power challenges
C. manage operations of the network of geographically distributed assets
D. discover industrial assets, protocols, and communication patterns to provide operational insights
Answer: D

2. Which use case involves extending Intent-Based Networking to the Extended Enterprise?
A. parking lot connectivity
B. substation automation
C. first-response vehicles
D. oil and gas pipeline
Answer: A

3. What are the focal points for Oil and Gas opportunities?
A. gas station automation and fixing corroded pipelines
B. automation of back-office processes
C. Ensure oil and Gas exploration and midstream are connected
D. improve operations, leverage data and insights, and pervasive security
Answer: D

4. What is the primary business outcome for an outdoor connectivity use case?
A. improved safety by connecting surveillance cameras
B. improved emergency services with onboard vehicle connectivity
C. improved data offloading from machines
D. improved operational efficiency via real-time process visibility
Answer: D

5. Which valuable resources has Cisco created for each of the focus industries?
A. CRD - Cisco Reference Design
B. DVD - Digital Validated Design
C. DAD - Digital Acceleration Design
D. CVD - Cisco Validated Design
Answer: D

6. Why is the Industrial Network Director (IND) a clear added value in OT applications?
A. IND can provide asset visibility for Modbus, Profinet, and Bacnet automation devices.
B. IND enables app hosting in field routers IR8XX.
C. IND improves industrial asset visibility and network troubleshooting.
D. IND can work as a universal SCADA for automation systems.
Answer: C

7. Which feature of the warehouse connectivity solution results in significant operational cost savings?
A. placement does not require air conditioning
B. provides web server capabilities
C. helps bridge adjacent networks
D. performs data analysis
Answer: A

8. Which two services are in loT Operations Dashboard? (Choose two.)
A. Edge Intelligence
B. Cross Operational Viewer
C. Industry Monitoring Insight
D. Secure Equipment Access
E. Network Troubleshoot Tool
Answer: A, D

9. What are the key products in the connected factory use cases?
A. Catalyst IE 3800, Catalyst 9000, IR829
B. IE Switches, Cyber Vision, Industrial Network Director
C. IW6300, AP1572, MR210
D. CGR2010, CGR1240, IR510
Answer: B

10. Which types of devices are able to be connected in an Extended Enterprise solution?
A. Data centers, desk phone
B. Smart meters, actuators
C. IP cameras, sorters
D. Webex, sensors
Answer: B

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