Cisco 700-150 Practice Test Questions - Introduction to Cisco Sales

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700-150 Introduction to Cisco Sales exam is a hot Cisco Certification exam, if you want to pass your Cisco 700-150 exam, Passquestion offers you the latest Cisco 700-150 Practice Test Questions to help you get your Introduction to Cisco Sales exam successfully.

Cisco 700-150 - Introduction to Cisco Sales

As the replacement for Cisco Sales Expert and Selling Business Outcomes, Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 is the foundational requirement for all of the Advanced Architecture AM Roles, which are required for each Architecture. The only Partner candidates for these roles are people who already have CSE, SBO, or ICS and no one has been able to provide a link the course materials for ICS 700-150.

Passquestion Cisco 700-150 practice test questions contain all the 700-150 test questions, so we can't just stay on the basic questions. Repeated exercises are also required for the difficult 700-150 exam. Even if you don't have a deep understanding of Introduction to Cisco Sales, you should make proper memories. Make sure you score well on the 700-150 exam.

Make sure you've been practicing Passquestion Cisco 700-150 practice test questions, and that's actually making sure your time is being used efficiently. If you don't have too much time to practice other 700-150 exam materials, then focus on practicing the Passquestion Cisco 700-150 practice test questions, as this will at least guarantee that you will eventually pass the 700-150 exam; if you have extra time Try to practice new questions as much as possible, as this will expand our knowledge and deepen our understanding of relevant knowledge points.

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NO.1 In terms of Cisco's business outcome sales roles, there are many variations in the teams that engage with customers. Which of the following is not one of these teams?
A. Services team
B. Account team
C. Team leadership
D. Marketing team
Answer: C

NO.2 A business requirement is something that is needed by business stakeholders. Business achievements should achieve the following except for?
A. Reflected in a business requirements document
B. Provides the overall direction of the business
C. Provide value to the business
D. Describe what the business needs
Answer: A

NO.3 Cisco aims to transform IT operations with complete hyperconvergence. Which of the following is not a benefit?
A. Data acquisition
B. Always on-storage efficiency
C. Predictable performance
D. Independent scaling
Answer: A

NO.4 Cisco IT increases security effectiveness with Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). Which of the following lists the 3 approaches for the AMP endpoints security solution?
A. Prevent, detect, respond
B. Prevent, react, respond
C. Protect, detect, respond
D. Predict, prevent, respond
Answer: A

NO.5 Which group makes up Cisco's collaboration portfolio?
A. customer care, conferencing, team innovation, and telepresence
B. unified communications, customer care, conferencing, and collaboration endpoints
C. unified communications, customer care, team innovation, and conferencing
D. unified communications, customer care, team innovation, and collaboration endpoints
Answer: B

NO.6 What is Cisco's approach to business outcome sales?
A. It focuses on developing a business-focused view of the customer enterprise and places their needs and business outcomes from a customer-centric perspective.
B. It focuses on increasing revenue and reducing costs from a customer-centric perspective.
C. It focuses on enabling their sales team with the necessary tools and products to increase their market share.
D. It focuses on differentiating themselves as a market leader in security solutions from a profits centric perspective.
Answer: A

NO.7 Which of the following provides 360-degree contextual insights across users, devices, and applications using intent based networking?
A. Cisco DNA
B. Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution
C. Cisco Unified Computing System
D. Cisco Meraki
Answer: A

NO.8 A business capability consists of which of the following to enable the long-term strategy of the business?
A. Security, enablement, experience
B. Technology, expertise, process
C. People, tools, experience
D. People, process and technology
Answer: A

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