Cisco 700-105 Practice Test Questions -Cisco Midsize Collaboration Solutions for Account Managers

  Edina  07-29-2019

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700-105 Exam Overview - Cisco Midsize Collaboration Solutions for Account Managers

Exam Description: The Cisco Midsize Collaboration Solutions for Account Managers (MCAM) exam (700-105) is a 45-minute, 25– 35 item assessment that tests a candidate's knowledge of the skills needed by an account manager to successfully sell Cisco Midsize Collaboration Solutions, including Cisco Business Edition 6000.

700-105 Exam Topics Covered In The Real Test

The following topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. 

Download Cisco 700-105 Practice Test Questions For Reference:

1.Which two operational benefits are provided by Cisco Business Edition 6000 virtualization? (Choose two.)
A. reduced risk because each application runs on a separate physical server
B. reduced costs through integrated management and a scalable platform
C. time savings through easy platform management
D. support for multiple management platforms
E. reduced costs through support for traditional TDM-based voice systems
Answer: B, C

2.How does Cisco Collaboration address the need for different endpoints?
A. by introducing Cisco data center unified computing functionalities to support collaboration requirements.
B. by offering various different phones
C. with a consistent user experience regardless of the type or location of the endpoint
D. by focusing on software clients only O E) by enabling WebEx to support video
Answer: A

3.Which Cisco online resource provides partners with the most comprehensive set of Cisco BE6000 sales materials that are aligned to the sales cycle?
A. Cisco Selling Collab Portal
B. Cisco Business Edition 6000 Product home page
C. Cisco Promotions and Incentive
D. Cisco BE6000 Partner Sales Guide
Answer: A

4.Which three options are the most important business challenges experienced by midmarket customers'? (Choose three)
A. lack of in-house IT skills
B. available bandwidth for video
C. being local but competing globally
D. regulation and government policies
E. need for innovation
Answer: A, B, C

5.When selling a Cisco Business Edition 6000 solution to a customer that plans to upgrade from an old voice collaboration solution which three important messages must you present to the customer? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Business Edition 6000 supports all major operating systems and devices.
B. Cisco Business Edition 6000 lowers the collaboration solution costs and the costs of adding new users and functionalities.
C. Cisco Business Edition 6000 simplifies collaboration management by introducing a dedicated IT team that is focused only on the collaboration solution.
D. Cisco Business Edition 6000 reduces the risk of outdated technology and reduces dependency on service providers.
E. Adding additional collaboration applications can be done simply by adding additional Cisco UCS C-Series servers to the network.
F. Cisco Business Edition 6000 brings all collaboration functionalities on one single server.
Answer: B, D, F

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