Certified Wireless Analysis Professional CWAP-404 Exam Questions

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Have you ever considered earning the prestigious CWAP Certification and becoming a Certified Wireless Analysis Professional? PassQuestion is here to help you achieve your goals. We are proud to offer the latest and most comprehensive Certified Wireless Analysis Professional CWAP-404 Exam Questions that are specifically designed to cover all the essential objectives of the exam. Our Certified Wireless Analysis Professional CWAP-404 Exam Questions have been carefully crafted to provide you with a thorough understanding of the exam topics, ensuring that you are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. By choosing PassQuestion, you can confidently prepare yourself for the CWAP Certification exam and significantly increase your chances of success. 

CWAP - Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

The CWAP certification is a professional level wireless LAN certification for the CWNP Program. To earn a CWAP certification, you must hold a current and valid CWNA credential. You must take the CWAP exam at a Pearson Vue Testing Center and pass with a 70% or higher. Instructors must pass with a 80% or higher. However you choose to prepare for the CWAP exam, you should start with the exam objectives, which cover the full list of skills tested on the exam. The CWAP certification is valid for three (3) years. To recertify, you must have a current CWNA credential and pass the current CWAP exam. By passing the CWAP exam, your CWNA certificate will be renewed for another three years.

The Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) is responsible for the capture and analysis of data related to Wireless LANs following troubleshooting principles and methodologies. This professional has an in-depth understanding of protocols, frame exchanges, and standards at the Physical layer and MAC
sublayer. A CWAP is proficient in the use of spectrum and protocol analysis tools.

CWAP Exam Summary:

Exam Number: CWAP-404
Cost: $349.99 (USD) - Exam Voucher
Availability: Pearson Vue Testing Center
Duration: 90 Minutes
Questions: 60 multiple choice / multiple answer
Language: English

CWAP-404 Exam Objectives

Protocol Analysis 15%
Spectrum Analysis 10%
PHY Layers and Technologies 10%
MAC Sublayer and Functions 25%
WLAN Medium Access 10%
802.11 Frame Exchanges 30%

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1. What is the function of 802.11 Management frames?
A.Prioritize network administration traffic
B.Communicate configuration changes between WLAN controller and APs
C.Manage the BSS
D.Manage the flow of data
Answer: C

2. Which one of the following is required for Wi-Fi integration in laptop-based Spectrum Analyzer software in addition to the spectrum analysis adapter?
A.An 802.11 wireless adaptor
B.A firmware upgrade for the spectrum analysis adapter
C.A directional antenna
D.SNMP read credentials to the WLAN controller or APs
Answer: A

3. When configuring a long-term, forensic packet capture and saving all packets to disk which of the following is not a consideration?
A.Real-time packet decodes
B.Analyzer location
C.Total capture storage space
D.Individual trace file size
Answer: A

4. Given: The Frame Check Sequence (FCS) is a 32 CRC used for error detection.
The CRC is calculated over what?
A.Mac Header and Frame Body only
B.Frame Body only
C.PHY Header, MAC Header and Frame Body
D.PHY Header and Mac Header only
Answer: A

5. What is the purpose of link adaptation?
A.Establishes STA-to-STA communication
B.Allows a Beamformer to estimate the channel in order to calculate a steering matrix
C.Performs over-the-air calibration to reduce the differences between a STA’s transmit and receive radio chains
D.Dynamically assigns an MCS
Answer: D

6. Which of these roaming methods requires the use of FT Action frames?
A.Over-the-air fast BSS transition
B.Over-the-WDS fast BSS transition
C.Over-the-DS fast BSS transition
D.Over-the-WLS fast BSS transition
Answer: C

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