CTFL-AcT Exam Questions - ISTQB Foundation Level - Acceptance Testing

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CTFL-AcT Exam Information

Exam Code: CTFL-AcT
Module: Foundation Level Acceptance Testing
Exam questions: 40
Minimum score: 65%
Examination Time: 60 min
Format: multiple-choice questions
Prerequisite: ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate

ISTQB Foundation Level - Acceptance Testing CTFL-AcT Exam Topics

1 Introduction and Foundations

1.1 Fundamental Relationships
1.2 Business Analysis and Acceptance Testing

2 Acceptance Criteria, Acceptance Tests and Experience-Based Practices

2.1 Writing Acceptance Criteria
2.2 Designing Acceptance Tests
2.3 Experience-based Approaches for Acceptance Testing

3 Business Process and Business Rules Modeling

3.1 Modeling Business Processes and Rules
3.2 Deriving Acceptance Tests from Business Process/Rule Models
3.3 Business Process Modeling for Acceptance Testing 

4 Acceptance Testing for Non-Functional Requirements

4.1 Non-functional Characteristics and Quality in Use
4.2 Usability and User Experience
4.3 Performance Efficiency
4.4 Security

5 Collaborative Acceptance Testing   

5.1 Collaboration
5.2 Activities
5.3 Tool Support

View Online ISTQB Foundation Level - Acceptance Testing CTFL-AcT Free Questions

Which of the following techniques is most likely applied to ensure the quality of acceptance testing activities?
A.Review of the source code to ensure traceability of user stories to system components.
B.Verification of the traceability between user stories and test cases to make sure it is up to date.
C.Checklist-based verification of requirements to ensure their completeness and quality.
D.Eye tracking to verify the feasibility of previously defined user acceptance tests.
Answer : B

Which of the following information is most likely part of an acceptance test summary report?
A.Information to evaluate the level of risk for product release.
B.Technical details on defect fixes.
C.Test strategy and test design methods.
D.Test procedure information.
Answer : A   

Which of the following activities is most likely performed by the business analyst as part of defect analysis?
A.Identify the requirements / user stories that are not satisfied.
B.Assess the impact of corrective actions on other parts of the system's implementation.
C.Analyze the function that failed step by step to identify the cause of the defect.
D.Check, whether other paths in the business process model perform as intended.
Answer : A

Which tool fits the mentioned acceptance test activities BEST?
A.Requirements management tools for managing acceptance test execution campaigns.
B.Test management and automation tools for business process model-based acceptance test generation.
C.Business process management tools for modeling business processes and rules.
D.Model-based testing tools for managing incidents.
Answer : C

Which one of the following sentences describes BEST a major advantage when business analysts and testers review the acceptance criteria together?
A.A shared vision between the business analyst and the tester on acceptance criteria facilitates the design of acceptance test cases.
B.A joint review ensures that non-functional quality criteria are taken into account.
C.The review of acceptance criteria helps to verify that acceptance test cases cover business processes, business rules and business risks.
D.The review of acceptance criteria is a good practice to improve the quality of test reports.
Answer : A

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