CPDS Version 8.8 PEGACPDS88V1 Exam Dumps - Certified Pega Data Scientist

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Certified Pega Data Scientist

The Certified Pega Data Scientist certification exam is for data scientists who wish to acquaint themselves with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully apply AI in Pega Process AI, Pega Customer Decision Hub, and Pega Customer Service. The certification ensures you become familiar with Pega's next-best-action paradigm and have the skills to build predictions that use predictive, adaptive, and text analytics models. You will also gain experience in leveraging the predictions in case management and in a 1:1 customer engagement context.

CPDS Version 8.8 Certification Path:

Exam Code: PEGACPDS88V1
Type of Exam: 50 question exam
Length: 90 minutes
Passing Grade: 70%
Language: English
Prerequisites: Data Scientist

PCDS v8.8 Exam Topics 

AI for Customer Decision Hub (6%)

Customer Decision Hub overview
Customer Decision Hub predictions

Adaptive Analytics (28%)

Adaptive models
Monitoring adaptive models
Exporting adaptive model data

Predictive Analytics (25%)

Creating predictions and predictive models

Prediction Patterns (22%)

Creating and understanding decision strategies
Defining prediction patterns

Governance (3%)


Pega NLP (8%)

Text analytics for email routing
Using entity extraction with chatbot channel

Pega Process AI (8%)

Predicting fraud
Predicting case completion

View Online Certified Pega Data Scientist 8.8 PEGACPDS88V1 Free Questions

1. Using Prediction Studio to build Pega machine learning models on historical data, you can build two types of models:____________and____________. (Choose Two)
A.voice to text model
B.continuous models
C.binary models
D.adaptive models
Answer: C, D

2. Which decision component enables you to use a PMML model?
A.Predictive Model
B.PMML Model
C.Third-party Model
D.Adaptive Model
Answer: A

3. The management team at U+ Insurance wants to improve the experience of dissatisfied customers. The customers send the feedback through email.
To detect the sentiment of the incoming emails, which type of prediction do you need to configure in Prediction Studio?
A.Pega Customer Decision Hub™ prediction.
B.Sentiment detection does not require any predictions.
C.Case management prediction.
D.Text analytics prediction.
Answer: D

4. What are the most important aspects taken into consideration when determining the Next-Best-Action?
A.Product discounts and business profitability
B.Network bandwidth and call duration
C.Market trends and customer satisfaction
D.Business objectives and customer needs
Answer: D

5. What is the key component of a Next-Best-Action strategy?
B.Work flow
C.Decision table
D.Predictive model
Answer: A

6. When building a predictive model, in which development step is the regression model created?
A.Model Export
B.Data Analysis
C.Model Analysis
D.Model Development
Answer: D

7. The standardized model operations process (MLOps) lets you replace a low-performing predictive model that drives a prediction with a new one.
Which feature of MLOps lets you monitor the new model in the production environment without affecting the business outcomes?
A.Change request
B.Shadow mode
C.Historical data capture
D.Connection to machine learning services
Answer: B

8. As a data scientist, you are tasked with creating a new prediction that estimates a customers' likelihood to leave the business in the near future. The NBA analyst wants to move forward and use the prediction in Pega Customer Decision Hub™ to test the application. To unblock the NBA specialist, which task do you prioritize?
A.Create the prediction
B.Create the customer data model
C.Create a placeholder scorecard to drive the prediction
D.Create the predictive model that drives the prediction
Answer: D

9. Which statement about Pega AI is correct?
A.Pega AI is primarily based on models newly build in Prediction Studio
B.Pega AI is restricted to models newly build in Prediction Studio
C.Pega AI is restricted to self-learning models
D.Pega AI is primarily based on self-learning models
Answer: D

10. As a highly experienced data scientist, which two advanced settings are available to you? (Choose Two)
B.Predictor types
C.The parameters used to bin the responses
D.Predictor selection
E.The update frequency of the models
Answer: D, E

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