CCDE v3.0 Written Exam 400-007 Practice Test Questions

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Are you ready to pass 400-007 CCDE v3.0 Written exam? PassQuestion CCDE v3.0 Written Exam 400-007 Practice Test Questions are the real exam questions that will assist you in Cisco 400-007 exam preparation and enable you to pass the final exam successfully. They keep updating with all the useful information to the candidate so that the registered candidate can learn with CCDE v3.0 Written Exam 400-007 Practice Test Questions according to the latest syllabus and achieve excellent grades in 400-007 Exam. With the help of CCDE v3.0 Written Exam 400-007 Practice Test Questions, you can not only ace your exam preparation but also gain confidence enough to pass the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE v3.0)  exam with flying colors. 

Introducing the updated CCDE

Achieving the updated CCDE certification proves your skills designing and architecting complex Enterprise network solutions. To earn your CCDE, you pass two exams: first, a qualifying exam that covers core technologies and competencies required by every network designer, then an 8-hour practical exam that covers designing and architecting Enterprise networking solutions by analyzing business requirements and technical requirements and making design decisions based on many factors such as resiliency or cost.

First, take the qualifying exam, CCDE Written (400-007), which focuses on your understanding and skills within the realms of network design, technologies, translation of business and technical requirements into functional specifications, and business strategies.
The qualifying exam earns a Cisco Specialist certification, so you can get recognized for your accomplishments along the way.

Second, take the 8-hour, practical exam, CCDE v3.0 Practical exam. This exam covers several scenarios, one of which the candidate can select, providing the flexibility to include topics related to your area of expertise, in addition to validating core enterprise architecture technologies. The CCDE v3.0 Practical exam will be delivered at Cisco Certification centers.

Exam Information

Exam: 400-007 CCDE
Exam Name: Cisco Certified Design Expert
Number of Questions: 90-110 multiple questions
Duration: 120 minutes
Languages: English
Price: $450 USD

CCDE v3.0 Written exam (400-007) Overview and Topics

The CCDE v3.0 Written exam (400-007) validates high-level design aspects as well as business requirements within the context of Enterprise network architectures. The exam is a two-hour, multiple choice test with 90-110 questions, that focusses on core Enterprise network architectures and technologies.

The CCDE v3.0 Written exam (400-007) will validate that candidates have the expertise to gather and clarify network functional requirements, develop network designs to meet functional specifications, develop implementation plans, convey design decisions and their rationale, and possess expert-level knowledge including:

Business Strategy Design    15%
Control, data, and management plane and operational design     25%
Network Design     30%
Service Design       15%
Security Design      15%

View Online CCDE v3.0 Written exam 400-007 Free Questions

You are tasked to design a QoS policy for a service provider so they can include it in the design of their MPLS core network If the design must support an MPLS network with six classes, and CEs will be managed by the service provider, which QoS policy should be recommended? IP CoS bits into the IP Precedence field flow-label bits into the Exp field IP precedence bits into the DSCP field DSCP bits into the Exp field
Answer: D

You are designing a large-scale DMVPN network with more than 500 spokes using EIGRP as the IGP protocol Which design option eliminates potential tunnel down events on the spoke routers due to the holding time expiration?
A.Increase the hold queue on the physical interface of the hub router.
B.Increase the hold queue on the tunnel interface of the spoke routers
C.Increase the hold queue on the tunnel interface of the hub router
D.Apply QoS for pak_priority class
E.Increase the hold queue on the physical interface of the spoke routers.
Answer: C

You have been tasked with designing a data center interconnect as part of business continuity You want to use FCoE over this DCI to support synchronous replication. Which two technologies allow for FCoE via lossless Ethernet or data center bridging? (Choose two.)
D.Multichassis EtherChannel over Pseudowire
Answer: A, C

You are using iSCSI to transfer files between a 10 Gigabit Ethernet storage system and a 1 Gigabit Ethernet server The performance is only approximately 700 Mbps and output drops are occurring on the server switch port. Which action will improve performance in a cost-effective manner?
A.Change the protocol to CIFS.
B.Increase the queue to at least 1 GB
C.Use a WRED random drop policy
D.Enable the TCP Nagle algorithm on the receiver
Answer: A

A multicast network is sing Bidirectional PIM. Which two combined actions achieve high availability so that two RPs within the same network can act in a redundant manner? (Choose two)
A.Use two phantom RP addresses
B.Manipulate the administration distance of the unicast routes to the two RPs
C.Manipulate the multicast routing table by creating static mroutes to the two RPs
D.Advertise the two RP addresses in the routing protocol
E.Use anycast RP based on MSDP peering between the two RPs
F.Control routing to the two RPs through a longest match prefix
Answer: A, F

What are two key design principles when using a hierarchical core-distribution-access network model? (Choose two )
A.A hierarchical network design model aids fault isolation
B.The core layer is designed first, followed by the distribution layer and then the access layer
C.The core layer provides server access in a small campus.
D.A hierarchical network design facilitates changes
E.The core layer controls access to resources for security
Answer: A, D

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