C1000-140 Practice Test Questions - IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3 Deployment

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C1000-140 Exam Overview - IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3 Deployment

This intermediate level certification is intended for professionals who wish to validate their comprehensive knowledge of IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3 Deployment.

This intermediate level certification is intended for deployment professionals who are responsible for the planning, installation, configuration, performance optimization, tuning, troubleshooting, and initial system administration tasks for an IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3. This includes the apps installed with the product: Use Case Manager, QRadar Assistant, Log Source Manager, and Pulse. This does not include the SaaS offering of QRadar on Cloud (QRoC).

Exam Details

Exam Code: C1000-140
Exam Name:  IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3 Deployment
Number of questions: 61
Number of questions to pass: 40
Time allowed: 90 minutes
Languages: English
Price: $200 USD
Certification: IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3

Exam Sections

Section 1: Deployment Objectives and Use Cases   5%
Section 2: Architecture and Sizing   18%
Section 3: Installation and Configuration   16%
Section 4: Event and Flow Integration   12%
Section 5: Environment and XFE Integration   8%
Section 6: System Performance and Troubleshooting   13%
Section 7: Initial Offense Tuning   8%
Section 8: Migration and Upgrades   13%
Section 9: Multi-Tenancy Considerations    7%

View Online IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.4.3 Deployment C1000-140 Free Questions

While a search runs on the Network Activity tab, the direction of a set of flows is seen as R2R. The source IP of this set of flows is an internal email server.
What does this situation suggest about the QRadar configuration?
A.QRadar might be having performance issues.
B.The email server is offline or down.
C.The email server is not included in the network hierarchy.
D.The flow pipeline is choked because of high incoming flows.
Answer: C

Which log file helps in QRadar troubleshooting?
Answer: C

A QRadar deployment uses multiple domains to provide data separation between different departments in the organization.
When the tenants and users are configured, which constraints are enforced?
A.A tenant can contain multiple domains; each domain may be in multiple tenants.
B.A tenant can contain only one domain; each tenant can only have a single user.
C.A tenant can contain multiple domains; each domain may only be in a single tenant.
D.A tenant can contain only one domain; each tenant can have multiple users.
Answer: C

Before the creation of a new application instance with QRadar Assistant, with what entity must every application be associated?
A.An authorization token
B.A user role
C.A security profile
D.A tenant
Answer: A

What can content management scripts be used to accomplish?
A.Update QRadar.
B.Export content from a QRadar deployment.
C.Debug the default configuration in QRadar.
D.Extract the list of offenses in QRadar.
Answer: C

Where can a deployment professional find updates to DSMs?
A.Fix Central
B.The QRadar Admin console
C.The Log Source Management app
D.QRadar on Cloud website
Answer: D

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