C1000-126 Practice Test Questions - IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition V5.0 Solution Architecture

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IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition V5.0 Solution Architecture

This intermediate-level certification is intended for WebSphere Hybrid Edition V5.0 Solution Architects. An IBM Certified Solution Architect on WebSphere Hybrid Edition V5.0 is a person who can build solution architectures, migrate or modernize existing applications, and develop new cloud-native applications with IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition. They can do this with limited assistance from support, documentation, or relevant subject matter experts.

Exam Information

Number of questions: 64
Number of questions to pass: 45
Time allowed: 90 minutes
Price: $200 USD
Languages: English
Certification: IBM Certified Solution Architect - WebSphere Hybrid Edition V5.0

Exam Sections

Section 1: Design and architect a Cloud Native solution  22%
Section 2: Websphere Hybrid Edition Overview   17%
Section 3: Modernization Journey   20%
Section 4: Application modernization tools   20%
Section 5: Run-time components   21%

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1. Which statement describes an advantage of Containers?
A. Allows hardware virtualization.
B. Easy to backup the application.
C. Portable and platform independent.
D. Supports multiple runtimes on the same install.
Answer: C

2. An architect uses WebSphere Hybrid Edition to cover WAS Base installations. What is a benefit of using the right-sizing approach?
A. A better ratio if an application needs Liberty ND only.
B. A better ratio if an application needs Open Liberty only.
C. A better ratio if an application needs Liberty Core only.
D. A better ratio if an application needs Liberty Base only.
Answer: C

3. How does WebSphere Hybrid Edition enable an organization to transform monolithic applications into microservices?
A. It analyzes business data, and generates new microservices based on the results.
B. It provides sample microservices applications that they can modify to fit their needs.
C. It provides the Mono2Micro tool to help with refactoring Java EE applications into microservices.
D. It provides the Transformation Advisor tool, which converts monolithic applications into microservices.
Answer: C

4. Which two statements describe the transformation of core application and data assets?
A. Develop new business processes to transform manual or semi-automated processes.
B. Move and containerize applications that are supported by higher quality of services.
C. Develop mixed-language application components to extend or develop new SOR data management.
D. Develop a modernized data domain-based model in support of the incremental transformation of the application.
E. Integrate a solution that comprises a mainframe-based SOR and components that are based on the public or private cloud.
Answer: CD

5. Which two are modernization patterns?
A. Expose APIs
B. Agile delivery
C. Cloud migrations
D. Redesign or rewrite the applications
E. Refactor monolith to macroservices
Answer: AE

6. What is one way for an organization to refactor an application?
A. Optimize the application for running on the target platform.
B. Prepare the new host environment for the anticipated workload.
C. Plan new features that can be added on to the application later.
D. Break up the application EAR file into individual WAR files for further analysis.
Answer: D

7. Which report(s) does Cloud Transformation Advisor provide?
A. Technology report only
B. Inventory and Analysis reports only
C. Technology, Analysis, and Security reports
D. Technology, Inventory, and Analysis reports
Answer: D

8. Mono2Micro is used to analyze a Java Enterprise application that gets deployed as EAR to WAS ND. What is the output generated by Mono2Micro as part of the application code instrumentation?
A. A copy of the Java source files with instrumentation and JSON files.
B. A Docker image with the instrumented application EAR and JSON files.
C. Instrumented Java source files and required proxy and service classes.
D. A copy of the original application EAR but with the instrumented code.
Answer: A

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