C1000-123 Practice Test Questions - IBM Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x Developer

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If you are going to appear for C1000-123 IBM Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x Developer exam,you can choose PassQuestion C1000-123 Practice Test Questions for your best preparation. The C1000-123 Practice Test Questions are an easy way to know your exam preparation level, it helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses and give you a chance to fix them before the IBM C1000-123 actual exam. If you are going through all of our IBM C1000-123 Practice Test Questions, then you will be able to clear the IBM Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x Developer C1000-123 exam on the first attempt.

IBM Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x Developer

The IBM Certified Developer for IBM Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x is an intermediate-level certification for an experienced developer who has extensive knowledge of and experience with IBM Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x as a service. This developer should be able to develop bot scripts, understand the various Robotic Process Automation components, complete basic administration, and understand the use and application of commands.  Additionally, the successful candidate is able to develop, test, and deploy applications.

Exam Details

Exam Code: C1000-123
Exam Name:IBM Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x Developer
Number of questions: 60
Number of questions to pass: 40
Time allowed: 90 minutes
languages: English
Cost: $200 USD
Certification: IBM Certified Developer - Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x

Exam Topics

Section 1: Development and Integration  47%
Section 2: Components and Architecture  17%
Section 3: Running, Testing, and Troubleshooting   8%
Section 4: Administration    28%

View Online IBM Robotic Process Automation v20.12.x Developer C1000-123 Free Questions

Where does a queue need to be configured before it can be referenced in the Get Queue command?
A.Windows Active Queue
C.IBM RPA Launcher
D.Web Client
Answer: D

What does Unlock Machine do when scheduling a bot?
A.It enters the supplied credentials to unlock a computer if it is locked.
B.It unlocks a computer without using credentials.
C.It unlocks the client vault.
D.It generates an encryption key so that the scheduler can access the remote computer.
Answer: D

Which IBM RPA capability is used to trigger bots for attended automation?
Answer: A

What does the Assert command do when its condition fails?
A.Shows an info message.
B.Writes an error to the system log.
C.Throws an error message.
D.Shows a debug message.
Answer: D

When scheduling a script to run once a day, which fields are mandatory?
B.Stop time
D.Start time
Answer: A

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