C1000-109 Real Questions And Answers For IBM Cloud Professional Developer v4

  Edina  09-27-2021

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IBM Cloud Professional Developer v4 C1000-109 Exam 

An IBM Certified Developer - Cloud v4 technical professional understands concepts essential to the development and operations of secure Cloud applications. They will have experience creating and maintaining applications on IBM Cloud. They understand how to build applications by deploying their code on Cloud platforms and extending them through managed services. This individual can perform these tasks with little to no assistance from product documentation, support, or peers.

Exam Details

Number of questions: 64
Number of questions to pass: 43
Time allowed: 90 mins
Languages: English
Certifications: IBM Certified Professional Developer - Cloud v4

Exam Topics

IBM Cloud Compute Options   17%
Security and Identity   13%
Modern Integration   17%
Data Services    11%
DevOps and Continuous Delivery    14%
Using IBM Services     11%
Managing a Running Cloud Applications    13%
Overview IBM Cloud Paks    4%

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Which two of the following are benefits of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?
A.Connects high speed direct links between your account and theirs to provide reliable low latency connections
B.Mitigates distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other common attacks on web sites
C.Copies web sites to a central location to deliver fast responses to improve customer satisfaction
D.Provides infrastructure and bandwidth in planned remote locations at a predefined hourly rate
E.Decreases impacts to website performance by reducing the effects of spikes or surges in demand
Answer: AB

How can a developer change the Redis Configuration using the Cloud Database API?
A.Send the settings as a JSON object in the request body of a POST request
B.Send the settings as a JSON object in the request body of a PATCH request
C.Send the settings as a Name-value pair in the request body of a PATCH request
D.Send the settings as a Name-value pair in the request body of an UPDATE request
Answer: A

A Mobile application developer is using IBM Mobile Foundation for the backend services. The application end users need access to the application data even when there is no network and the application is running offline. Which of the following IBM Mobile Foundation features will help in this scenario?
B.Mobile Foundation SDK
C.AES 256 encryption and Data storage
D.Mobile Foundation Adapters
Answer: D

In the Devliery Pipeline tool, which of the following is a valid Deployer type of job in the Deploy stage workflow?
B.Open Shift
Answer: D

What is an option for a developer tasked to create APIs for a business service using the API Gateway on IBM Cloud?
A.Submitting a WAR/JAR file to a static analysis tool to autocreate APIs based on business logic
B.Importing APIs using Swagger/OpenAPI definitions stored on .json. .yml and .yaml files
C.Creating Kubernetes services resources that will automatically create API for each Service resource on API Connect
D.Importing APIs stored in .zip files
Answer: B

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