C1000-087 Exam Questions - IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1

  Edina  11-07-2020

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IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 C1000-087 Exam

An IBM Certified Solution Architect – IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is a person who can design, plan and create an architecture with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications. They can do this with limited assistance from support, documentation or relevant subject matter experts.There are 60 questions in the real test, you need to answer 43 questions correctly in 90 minutes,passing C1000-087 exam will toward IBM Certified Solution Architect - Cloud Pak for Applications V4.1 certification.

Exam Sections In C1000-087 Test

Section 1: Design and architect a Cloud Native solution   13%
Section 2: OpenShift Container Platform Architecture     17%
Section 3: Cloud Pak for Applications Overview     20%
Section 4: Architecting for new applications     12%
Section 5: Architecting new applications with Accelerators for Teams     17%
Section 6: Modernize applications       12%
Section 7: Architect Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and the DevOps lifecycle     9%

View Online IBM Certified Solution Architect C1000-087 Free Questions

1.Which Cloud Pak for Applications add-on works with IBM Mobile Foundation to enable developers to rapidly build and deploy the next generation of applications, extending to mobile, wearables, conversation, or web front ends?
A. Bitcoin Platform
B. DevOps add-on
C. Blockchain Platform
D. Hyperledger Fabric
Answer: C

2.Which statement describes a benefit of containers?
A. Containers define a small, fast and portable software unit and provide isolation
B. Containers assigns a slice of the underlying computing power, memory, and storage to each pod under its control
C. Containers help release software on demand by implementing continuous delivery
D. Containers provide load balancing, auto-scaling, and zero downtime deployments
Answer: B

3.What are two of the components of IBM Mobile Foundation?
A. Container Image Registry
B. Message Hub
C. Server
Answer: CD

4.For large and dense clusters, what can cause etcd to have poor performance?
A. The keyspace grows excessively large and exceeds the space quota allocated for the etcd database
B. The maxPod per node value is not set during installation
C. The master node is resized in a running OpenShift cluster
D. The pool of IP addresses is exhausted
Answer: A

5.What is one benefit that is delivered by Cloud Pak for Applications?
A. It provides consistent multi-cloud management across public and private clouds
B. It simplifies creation of best-of-breed cloud-native applications
C. It reduces complexity of data analysis and ingestion
D. It delivers tooling for integration with back-end systems
Answer: A

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