C1000-077 Real Questions To Pass IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.5 Implementation Exam

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C1000-077 Exam Overview - IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.5 Implementation

The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.5 Implementation exam covers the planning, installation, configuration, administration, and problem determination of an IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.5 implementation. There are 60 questions in the real test and time duration is 90 minutes,you must answer 37 questions correctly to pass this C1000-077 exam.

C1000-077 Exam Topics

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.5 Implementation    100%

Section 1 - Planning

  • Determine customer’s needs/requirements
  • Use the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Blueprints and Sizer Spreadsheet
  • Analyze the output from the sizer and the implications on the installation.

Section 2 - Acquisition and deployment of Software

  • Acquire software (free trial; proper entitlement)
  • Deploy SPP Server
  • Deploy VSNAP Storage Server and the VADP proxy server
  • Deploy vSnap storage server in AWS

Section 3 - Configuration

  • Configure VSNAP storage server(s)
  • Configure/Manage VADP Backup Proxy Server
  • Create and update Site Attributes  
  • Configure and Provide credentials for hypervisors and applications
  • Discover virtual machines and databases
  • Configure LDAP& SMTP
  • Configure vsnap server replication
  • Set up Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Define/configure backup policy service level agreements
  • Configure Offload to Spectrum Protect or to Cloud Provider
  • Configure Archive to Spectrum Protect or to Cloud Provider
  • Configure Hyperviser Backup Jobs
  • Configure Application Backups
  • Configure file indexing (optional)

Section 4 - Data Protection and Recovery Operations

  • Manage jobs (start, stop, hold)
  • Restore a VM
  • Perform a File Level Restore
  • Restore an application database and log files
  • Restore Exchange Databases and Individual Messages

Section 5 - Administration

  • Utilize the Administration Console
  • Upgrade/patch the SPP server (apply fixes)
  • Update the vSnap Server. 
  • Upgrade/patch the VADP proxy server
  • Stop and start servers
  • Monitor System jobs
  • Backup and Restore IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Catalog
  • Customize and run reports

Section 6 -  Problem Determination

  • Use logs for troubleshooting (backup, job monitoring, collect logs for support)
  • Troubleshoot failed jobs
  • Troubleshoot security/credential failures (access failures)
  • Troubleshoot VSNAP storage issues
  • Troubleshoot network/port failures (DNS)

View Online IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.5 Implementation C1000-077 Sample Test

1.What is the purpose of establishing identities in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus?
A. to allow login to the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus GUI
B. to provide credentials for updating the vSnap storage servers
C. to provide credentials for connecting to a hypervisor or application
D. to allow all the user IDs to create reports
Answer: B

2.A Microsoft SQL backup with logs enabled is failing.
Which protocol should be enabled?
B. iSCSi
D. OpenSSH
Answer: C

3.Which restore task will cause an Exchange restore to be displayed in the Active Resources pane Spectrum Protect Plus server?
A. Duplicate
B. Granular
C. Active
D. Production
Answer: B

4.What is true of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus catalog backup?
A. The catalog backup can be copied to supported cloud storage using S3.
B. The catalog backup must be configured using the Rest API of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.
C. The catalog backup must be run after a vSnap inventory is run.
D. The catalog backup is automatically configured to a site called Secondary after install.
Answer: B

5.What is true about an encrypted Windows filesystem and indexing/restores?
A. Encrypted Windows filesystems do not allow indexing/restores.
B. Windows server 2016 or newer encrypted filesystems allow indexing/restores.
C. The encrypted filesystem must be owned by vsnap system admin account.
D. Encrypted Windows filesystem have no effect on Indexing/restores.
Answer: D

6.Which two types of servers can be added to create IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.5 user accounts?
C. Kerberos
D. Open LDAP server
E. Microsoft Active Directory
Answer: B,D

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