C1000-074 Exam Questions - IBM FileNet P8 V5.5.3 Deployment Professional

  Edina  02-11-2023

To help you prepare for the C1000-074 IBM FileNet P8 V5.5.3 Deployment Professional exam, we have newly cracked a comprehensive set of C1000-074 Exam Questions that are designed to cover all the topics tested on the exam. Our C1000-074 Exam Questions provide a hands-on, practical approach to learning and are designed to help you become confident in your knowledge and skills. They are based on the latest exam format and syllabus, and they provide in-depth coverage of all the key topics tested on the exam. With our C1000-074 Exam Questions, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible preparation for the exam and that you will be fully prepared to demonstrate your expertise on exam day. 

IBM Certified Deployment Professional - FileNet P8 V5.5.3

This intermediate-level certification test certifies that the successful candidate has important knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform planning, installation, upgrade, configuration, security, and basic performance tuning and troubleshooting on IBM FileNet P8 V5.5.3.  The deployment professional is generally self-sufficient and is able to perform most of the tasks involved in the role with limited amount of assistance from peers and vendor support services. The deployment professional efficiently uses product documentation.

Exam Information

C1000-074: IBM FileNet P8 V5.5.3 Deployment Professional
Number of questions: 61
Number of questions to pass: 45
Time allowed: 90 minutes
Languages: English
Price per exam: $200 USD

Exam Objectives

Section 1: Planning, Preparation, and Security  25%
Section 2: Installation and Upgrade   30%
Section 3: Configuration   25%
Section 4: Troubleshooting and System Validation   20%

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1. Which type of user is required to install Content Platform Engine on AIX?
A.LDAP user with UNIX rights
B.Any user account that has the ability to log onto the server
C.root user or user with su access to root
D.Operating system user with appropriate file system permissions
Answer: D

2. Which storage area consists of a file storage staging area on the FileNet P8 system and a separate content device?
A.File Storage Area
B.Database Storage Area
C.Fixed Storage Area
D.Operating System Storage Area
Answer: C

3. Which unique identifier has Full Control access rights to the P8 domain, and has also been granted rights through its membership in the workflow administrators group?
Answer: B

4. Which is the most appropriate tool to move object store taxonomy from one environment to another?
A.FileNet Deployment Manager (FDM)
B.Administrative Console for Content Platform Engine (ACCE)
C.FileNet Configuration Manager (FCM)
D.FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM)
Answer: D

5. The Content Platform Engine uses ODWEK to access which Fixed Content Device?
A.IBM Content Manager OnDemand
B.IBM Content Manager
C.Documentum Content Server
D.IBM FileNet Content Services
Answer: A

6. Which storage area supports content replication to heterogeneous storage devices?
A.Advanced Storage Area
B.Fixed Storage Area
C.Database Storage Area
D.File Storage Area
Answer: A

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