C1000-056 Exam Questions - IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Solution Development

  Edina  11-16-2020

Are you preparing for C1000-056 IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Solution Development Exam? PassQuestion IBM C1000-056 Exam Questions are prepared for people who participate in the IBM certification C1000-056 exam. PassQuestion IBM C1000-056 Exam Questions include not only IBM C1000-056 training materials which can consolidate your expertise, but also high degree of accuracy of practice questions and answers about IBM C1000-056 exam. PassQuestion can guarantee you pass the IBM certification C1000-056 exam with high score.

C1000-056 Exam - IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Solution Development

This intermediate level certification is intended for solution developers who have the knowledge and experience to use IBM App Connect V11.0 to develop, deploy, tune, and support platform-independent message flow applications that use various messaging topologies to transport messages between service requesters and service providers, as well as enable the messages to be routed, transformed, validated, and enriched during processing. Solution developers are expected to have experience with cloud applications and tools to develop and deploy container based solutions.There are 62 questions in the real test, you should pass 44 questions correctly in 90 minutes, passing C1000-056 exam will get IBM Certified Solution Developer - App Connect Enterprise V11 certification.

C1000-056 Exam Content

Integration Architecture, Planning, and Design   15%
Installation and Configuration     15%
Application Configuration     11%
Development of IBM App Connect Enterprise Toolkit Solutions    22%
Extending App Connect Enterprise     5%
Solution Assembly, Configuration and Deployment     13%
Troubleshooting and Tuning     11%
Security      8%

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1.Which statement is true about shared libraries?
A. If a shared library (A) references another shared library (B), shared library (B) can create a reference to shared library (A)
B. Static libraries can reference shared libraries but cannot reference other static libraries
C. Integration Projects can reference shared libraries
D. A shared library must be deployed with or before an application that references it
Answer: B

2.How can an MQGet node be configured to read a message from a queue without deleting it?
A. Set "Copy Message" property to None
B. Check the "Read Only" property
C. Set "Generate Mode" property to None
D. Check the "Browse Only" property
Answer: A

3.What is one reason to organize resources into applications?
A. It enables all processes using the module to reference the latest versions
B. It enables the ability to reference the resources in an Integration Project
C. It allows for Java and ESQL support in the same message flow
D. It provides runtime isolation of resources
Answer: D

4.What is the maximum number of integration servers that can be used in a single server running IBM App Connect Enterprise?
A. Up to 512
B. Unlimited
C. Up to 256
D. Up to 128
Answer: B

5.What are two attributes of IBM App Connect Enterprise JDBC pooled connections?
A. Each JDBC connection that is associated with the message flow instance is maintained until the connection is closed.
B. A new JDBC connection is created if the maximum pool size has not been reached
C. Each JDBC connection that is idle for 15 minutes is removed from the pool.
D. A JDBC connection is created on demand for each message flow instance request
E. Each JDBC connection that is idle for 60 seconds is closed and is not associated with a message flow instance.
Answer: A, E

6.What is the file format of resource statistics that are written by resource managers?
Answer: A

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