C1000-051 Practice Test Questions - IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.8 Technical Specialist

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IBM Certified Technical Specialist - Spectrum Protect V8.1.8

An IBM Certified Technical Specialist - Spectrum Protect V8.1.8 is an individual with knowledge of concepts and theory of IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.8. This individual is knowledgeable about the concepts of this product through either hands-on experience or formal and informal education. The candidate should have an in-depth knowledge of the basic to intermediate tasks required in day-to-day use of these products.

Exam Details

Exam Code: C1000-051
Exam Name: IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.8 Technical Specialist
Number of questions: 67
Number of questions to pass: 44
Time allowed: 90 minutes
Language: English, Japanese
Price: $200 USD
Certification: IBM Certified Technical Specialist - IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.8

Exam Sections

Section 1: Concepts of IBM Spectrum Protect
Section 2: Components of IBM Spectrum Protect
Section 3: User Interfaces
Section 4: Administration
Section 5: Scheduling and Reporting
Section 6: Types of Storage Pools
Section 7: Data Reduction Techniques and Benefits
Section 8: Options for Disaster Recovery

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Which statement is true about an archive in IBM Spectrum Protect?
A.An archive is always a full copy.
B.An archive is used for short term data retention.
C.An archive allows recovery based on versions of a file.
D.An archive is used for operational recovery.
Answer: B

In which two places can an admin find reliable sources of information available for the IBM Spectrum Protect server?
A.IBM Knowledge Database
B.IBM Admin Console
C.IBM Spectrum Protect Blueprints
E.IBM Knowledge Center
Answer: CE

A file is backed up once and then inadvertently deleted. Ten days later the mistake is discovered. Which backup copy group option must be set properly to be sure the file can be restored?
Answer: A

Which statement describes storage pool migration in IBM Spectrum Protect?
A.Objects are copied from a primary storage pool to a copy storage pool.
B.Objects are moved from a primary storage pool to a copy storage pool.
C.Objects are moved from one primary storage pool to another primary storage pool.
D.Objects are copied from one storage pool to other volumes in the same storage pool.
Answer: D

Why is storage pool backup beneficial in IBM Spectrum Protect?
A.It protects against disasters such as a data center loss or a media failure.
B.It protects against corruption of the IBM Spectrum Protect database directories.
C.It prevents unauthorized access to backup and archive objects.
D.It eliminates the need for clients to make extra backup versions of their files.
Answer: A

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