C1000-041 Practice Test Questions - IBM Cloud Private V2.1.0.3 Deployment

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C1000-041 exam is a hot IBM certification which can test your professional skills. Candidates want to pass the exam successfully to prove their competence. If you are having problems in passing your IBM C1000-041 Certification Exam,PassQuestion has the right solutions for you to pass your IBM C1000-041 Exam with confidence. With the help of enriched latest C1000-041 Practice Test Questions from PassQuestion you can achieve your desire result regarding the IBM C1000-041 test.

C1000-041 Exam Overview - IBM Cloud Private V2.1.0.3 Deployment

An IBM Certified Deployment Professional is an individual who performs the planning, installation, configuration, and administration of an IBM Cloud Private deployment. It is expected that this person will be able to perform these tasks with limited assistance from peers, product documentation, and vendor support services.There are 60 questions to be answers and time duration is 90 minutes, the passing score is 74%.

Prerequisite Skills:

Understanding of advanced networking concepts
Working knowledge of Application Security
Working knowledge of Key Management
Working knowledge of Linux
Understanding of DevOps and CI/CD concepts
In depth knowledge of Docker and virtualization
Understanding of Helm
Understanding of Kubernetes

C1000-041 Exam Objectives

Fundamentals concepts of IBM Cloud Private     23%
IBM Cloud Private Foundations          27%
Planning for an IBM Cloud Private Deployment    16%
Administering and Maintaining and IBM Cloud Private Deployment    22%
Services available for IBM Cloud Private      12%

View Online IBM Cloud Private V2.1.0.3 Deployment C1000-041 Free Questions

1.What is the purpose of the Search field on the Kibana Discover Page?
A. Search within the default log file for specific values.
B. Search for new log files and add them to the Elastic search index.
C. Filter the log files in the current index for the list of fields that can be used for querying
D. Filter a subset of the log records in the current index, based on the value of fields in the log records
Answer: D

2.Which two services are used by the IBM Cloud Private monitoring dashboard?
A. Cacti
B. Kubes
C. Nagios
D. Grafana
E. Prometheus
Answer: A,C

3.What is one way an external load balancer IP address can be configured in IBM Cloud Private (1CP)?
A. Set the value in the ICP config.yaml file for the load balancer IP address.
B. Create an Ingress object in ICP that specifies the load balancer IP address
C. Create a Service object in ICP and set cluster lP to the IP address of the load balancer
D. Add the load balancer IP address to the [Load Balancer} stanza in the Ansible hosts file.
Answer: B

4.Which Kubernetes Controller supports the new set-based selector requirements to ensure that a specified number of pods replicas are running at one time?
A. PodSet
B. ReplicaSet
C. Resource Quotas
D. Resource Controller
Answer: A

5.Which web server is used on the Proxy nodes in IBM Cloud Private to manage Ingress?
C. Apache
D. Liberty
Answer: A

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