C1000-019 Practice Test Questions - IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 Implementation

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C1000-019 exam is a hot IBM Certification test of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 Implementation, if you want to pass your C1000-019 exam successfully, PassQuestion offers you valid IBM C1000-019 Practice Test Questions for your preparation, we have many candidates passed IBM Certification C1000-019 exam recently. If you want to get practiced before your C1000-019 test, then Passquestion latest IBM C1000-019 Practice Test Questions can help you pass your C1000-019 exam easily.

C1000-019 Exam Overview - IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 Implementation

An IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 is an individual who performs the planning, installation, configuration, administration, and problem determination of an IBM Spectrum Protect Plus V10.1.1 implementation. It is expected that this person will be able to perform these tasks with limited assistance from peers, product documentation or support.

C1000-019 exam consists of 5 sections described below.


Download IBM C1000-019 Practice Test Questions:

1.What will cause a report name to be invalid when creating a custom report?
A. if there is an underscore in the name
B. if there is a dollar sign $ in the name
C. if there are less than 8 characters in the name
D. if there is a space in the name
Answer: D

2.Where is guidance on the appropriate disk technologies and RAID protection levels for the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus vSnap server?
A. the IBM Spectrum Spectrum Protect Plus – All Requirements Doc
B. the Disk Magic and Capacity Magic tools
C. the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Blueprint
D. the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Performance Tuning Guide
Answer: A

3.What will cause a file restore to a Windows VM to fail?
A. The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Service is not set to Act as part of the operating system in the guest.
B. iSCSI service is not started in the guest.
C. A user is logged into the desktop of the guest and the file is being restored to that desktop.
D. The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus File Restore Enabler is not installed in the guest.
Answer: D

4.Which two options describe how the retention of backup data may be defined in an IBM Spectrum Protect Plus SLA policy? (Choose two.)
A. the number of active versions of each backup to be kept
B. the number of days the last backup is retained in offloaded IBM Spectrum Protect storage
C. the number of backups to be kept
D. the number of days the last backup of a virtual machine is kept when the virtual machine has been deleted
E. the number of days backups are to be kept
Answer: CE

5.How can the network interface information be reviewed?
A. expand the Backup Storage Server Details in the System view
B. ping the vSnap Storage Server and verify the IP address and name resolution
C. click the Manage Backup Storage icon of a Backup Storage and review the network interface
D. run the vsnap networkshow command to list network interfaces and the services that are associated with each interface
Answer: D

6.After adding a new virtual machine to IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, what must be done to see it in the backup page?
A. Click the Auto Refresh button in the Hypervisor Backup page.
B. Run a backup of the SLA policy group it is associated with to pick up the new system.
C. Run the hypervisor inventory job.
D. Go to the Systems SITE page and edit the site information
Answer: B

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