C1000-007 Exam Questions - IBM Cloud Application Development v3

  Edina  10-30-2020

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C1000-007 Exam Description- IBM Cloud Application Development v3

An IBM Certified Application Developer - Cloud Solutions v3 technical professional understands concepts essential to the development of Cloud applications. They will have experience creating applications on IBM Cloud. They understand how to build applications by deploying their code on Cloud platforms and extending them through managed services. This individual is able to perform these tasks with little to no assistance from product documentation, support or peers.

Key Areas of Competency:

Planning and implementing cloud ready applications
Enhancing cloud applications using managed services
Managing applications using continuous delivery toolchains and other Cloud services

C1000-007 Exam Domains

Introduction to IBM Cloud    7%
IBM Cloud Compute Options    15%
Design Cloud Native Applications   12%
Security and Integration     15%
Data services     14%
DevOps and Continuous Delivery    14%
Managing a running cloud application    8%
Augmeting applications with Emerging Technologies    15%

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1.A developer needs to transform, aggregate, and process data records continuously in Message Hub and produce records.
Which API is designed for this purpose?

B. The MQ Light API
C. The Kafka Connect API
D. The Kafka Streams API
Answer: D

2.Which cf command scales an IBM Cloud Foundry application horizontally?
A. $cf scale myApp
B. $cf scale myApp - i5
C. $cf scale myApp - m1G
D. $cf scale myApp - k 512M
Answer: D

3.In an Auto-Scaling policy definition, which field defines the interval of time to ignore other scaling requests after a scale out has occurred?
A. Breach duration
B. Statistics Window
C. Cooldown period for scaling in
D. Cooldown period for scaling out
Answer: D

4.Which service should a developer use to create an application to store data that has no defined structure to it?
A. Db2
B. Cloudant
C. Informix
D. Compose for MySQL
Answer: D

5.What is the minimum Cloud Foundry role needed in order for a user to invite a developer to work within a Cloud Foundry space?
A. Account Owner
B. Space Level Auditor
C. Organization Level Manager
D. Organization Level Developer
Answer: C

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