Blue Prism Developer AD01 Practice Test Questions

  Edina  09-27-2019

Passing Blue Prism developer AD01 exam is not difficult, you can easily clear your AD01 exam when you understand the concepts clearly. Passquestion also provides Blue Prism Developer AD01 Practice Test Questions for your preparation, we can promise that you can 100% pass your exam to attend Blue Prism Developer Certification AD01 exam. 

Blue Prism Developer Certification (AD01) exam is intended for the individuals who have the working knowledge of Blue Prism development. This certification exam helps professionals to validate and demonstrate their expertise in Blue Prism development concepts and functionality.

Blue Prism Developer Certification Exam Information

Blue Prism Developer Exam Objectives

Blue prism has meticulously designed the certification outline that mainly focuses on the below areas.
Exception Handling Guide
Work Queues Guide
Developer Best Practice
Lifecycle Orientation
Object Layer Design

Most of the Blue prism certification exam questions for the developer exam (AD01) are based on the above topics. However, apart from the above sections, candidates need to have a fair idea on the topics like

Process flow and Blue Prism stages
Object development and application modeling
Correct use of session, data types, and environment variables
Session management and control Room resource
Internal calculation functions of Blue Prism
How to debug process solutions

Download Blue Prism Developer AD01 Practice Test Questions:

1.How many Start Stages can a sub-page in a Process have?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. Any Number
Answer: B

2.Which of the following statements about Business Objects is true?
A. It is Blue Prism best practice to include business rules within Business Objects
B. A Business Object is configured in the Studio area of Blue Prism
C. A Business Object can be exposed to Control Room
D. Logging of individual stages is not configurable in Business Objects
Answer: B

3.A Blue Prism solution works fine when developing and testing it in Process and Object studio but when it is running in Control Room exceptions occur because of screen elements not being found.
What is the most likely cause?
A. The most likely cause for the errors is that your application has changed.
B. The most likely cause for the errors seen in Control Room is that best practice use of wait stages has not been followed.
C. The most likely cause for the errors is that the Object Studio action has not been published and therefore cannot be used by the Process in control room.
D. The most likely cause for the exceptions is that best practice exception handling has not been incorporated into the Process.
Answer: B

4.When automating a Windows application what type of stage is configured to perform a Global Send Key Events?
A. Notes Stage
B. Read Stage
C. Write Stage
D. Navigate Stage
Answer: D

5.When configuring an object's run mode which of the following is true?
A. Setting the run mode to foreground will give the object priority over the target system ahead of any other Business Object.
B. Setting the run mode to exclusive will ensure only one process runs on that resource at a time.
C. Setting the run mode to background will enable the object to run at the same time as foreground and background objects on the same resource.
D. Leaving the run mode blank will allow any number of processes and objects to run at the same time on the same resource.
Answer: C

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